Samsung quality?

Bought a Samsung smart curved TV 4 years ago from Darty here in Carcassonne.

It is now developping a large white spot in the middle of the screen. The after sales service from Darty sent a technician for evaluation and eventually repairs.

The good news is that it can be repaired. The bad news is that it will cost in excess of 700€.

How on earth is it possible and admissible nowdays to accept a product life of 4 years in particular for electronics? No moving parts.

I have written to the managing director of Samsung France for comments. I shall ot get the TV repaired and will purchase a new one but for sure not a Samsung. Actually I am going to boycott all Korean products from now on.


29 Jul 2020 – In the meantime I have received an email from the customer service department, in response to my letter to the CEO, asking me to describe the problem and include photos. I did this by return earlier today. Let us see what this brings…

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