September 5th 2020

Day 170 – 83rd day of de-confinement phase III


Spent the past 8 days in Germany for to visit family and friends. I was not really in a position or had free time to work on my blog post.

However I am back since yesterday afternoon and will now try to catch up on a few bits.

I found the situation in Germany very similar to the one in France as far as the virus is concerned. More or less the same rules apply regarding the wearing of masks and meeting with people. It would appear that a very similar percentage of people ignore these rules.

Different to France is that when you go to a restaurant, you have to fill in a form (see sample below) for each household with your name, address, contact details in case you come in contact someone with Covid19 and you need to be traced / informed. Some restaurants have an app where you can register on-line.

Sample of the form to be filled in when visiting a restaurant

In the meantime the numbers keep going up and up. Will there be a 2nd lockdown in France? Economically it is basically impossible. In some areas like Marseille it was announced yesterday that they are beginning to experience problems as far as available intensive care beds are concerned.


Summary of hospitalisations by regions in France

Data from September 9th



Pic of the day

The rain was waiting for us yesterday afternoon in Carcassonne. We got stuck at Felix for a short while.

The weekly dash board


Last week’s data


Data from September 9th


Data from September 5th

Information, news and tips


► The weather is not supposed to be too brilliant tomorrow so I have booked tickets to visit the “Space City” in Toulouse. I have not been there yet and since our oldest grandson is with us at the moment it is a good opportunity.

I am glad to say that we all three fit in the “Adult Category” since none of us are over 120 years old. I also think that it is a bit mean for people who are over 100 years old to have to pay anything.

Boaters scream for help as vessel sinks after being swamped with water by Trump boat parade

Food and drinks

The Choucroute I had a few days ago in Colmar. Simply excellent.


The weekly selection

The dreaded statistics

Top countries according to the number of deaths (above 5.000)

Data from September 5th

Cases by country v population (1.000 deaths upwards)

France follow-up

Occitanie & Aude follow-up

Data from September 5th
Data from September 5th


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