September 12th 2020

Day 177 – 1st day of de-confinement phase IV

We are entering a new phase in France for the fight against the Coronavirus.

The Prime Minister Jean Castex made a speech yesterday afternoon to announce some new measures which turned out to be not very harsh.

Here follows a summary of the headlines:

The duration of isolation is reduced to 7 days
Initially lasting 14 days (fourteen), the isolation period for people contaminated by Covid-19 has been extended to 7 days (seven), the Prime Minister announced.

He added that it was “essential to respect” this deadline and that “controls” could be put in place.

42 departments in red zone
This Friday, 42 departments are placed in “active circulation zone” of the virus, stressed the head of government.

He notably reported a “worrying” epidemiological situation in two metropolises, Marseille and Bordeaux, as well as in Guadeloupe.

2,000 recruitments to ensure case tracking
2,000 recruitments will be made within the Health Insurance and the Regional Health Agencies. Objective: to ensure the tracing of cases of contamination with the new coronavirus.

Tests: additional slots for priority people
With a million tests carried out every week, “France has become the 3rd most testing country in Europe”, he said. Additional time slots should also be made available to test priority people. Among them are people with symptoms, contact cases and carers.

He also urged older people to be “more cautious” for “a few more months”.



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Summary of hospitalisations by regions in France

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Cap Sizun in Brittany

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Aude is now red

The departement itself is not on the “red” list but because it is surrounded by departements which are “red” it is now classified as “red” as well.


Participatory budget 2020

In this section, you can consult the 259 projects of the 2020 participatory budget. You can sort them by theme, by location or display them as a list. You can now vote for your favourite projects until 15 September 2020.To vote, you simply have to live in the Aude and be over 16 years old. Each voter has to choose four different projects to validate their ballot. There are no restrictions on the geographical area, theme or cost of the projects chosen.

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Data from September 12th


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2 Responses to September 12th 2020

  1. Aline says:

    C’est beau ce Cap Sizun ! Vivifiant ! Mais certainement pas d’oursins aux alentours. Vous maintenez toujours le voyage en Bretagne ? Bisous bisous

    Aline Lantrua 06 22 41 21 85


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