Fossil III

And the saga continues. I reported a few weeks ago that my birthday present from 2 years ago stopped working. I contacted on their web page the Fossil’s service team who replied immediately, it was on a Sunday, that I should sent the watch back. They provided me with a label which I had to print and applied on the package.

They also informed me that it would cost at least 88 Euros but they would do a free of charge diagnostic and get my approval before making any repairs.

The package went off but I was not satisfied that an electronic product two years of age would break down. So I searched and found the name of the CEO of Fossil France and wrote him a letter. I have done this a couple of times lately and I can assure you that a letter, not an email, to a company’s CEO has more chances to accomplish things.

My letters are polite but go straight to the point and ask about the quality policy of the company.

Anyway, a few weeks go by and yesterday (yet again a Sunday) I receive an email from the service department informing me that my watch is not reparable. They agree however to replace it with a new model of similar value and give me a link to their catalogue so I could choose.

I do this immediately and choose a very comparable watch. I sent an email to the service department guy with the reference. Bad luck this model is currently not available says the reply. I choose another model slightly more expensive and they agree to it.

I hope the watch will last more than 2 years. Although I am quite unhappy with the whole episode, I am quite impressed with the service department of the company and the final solution. Is it because I wrote that letter? No one knows but I shall write to the CEO again and thank him.

You never know, I might need him again in 2 years time.

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