October 3rd 2020

Day 198 – 22nd day of de-confinement phase IV in France

It is clear that the the Corona Virus and resulting COVID-19 are spreading. It is getting fairly alarming. 

We must limit the number of people we come into contact with, especially family and friends, to prevent the epidemic from getting out of control.

There are simply too many people, even among friends, who are still ignoring the basic precautions of social distancing. Kissing / bises to greet is an absolute no go and yet still practiced by a few.

The majority of the contaminations are done by asymptomatic people who carry the virus  but have no ill effects at the time.

It is going to get worse. 

I have therefore decided to reconfine of my own accord. I have a couple of engagements in the coming days which I shall honor but I am very unlikely to accept new ones for the time being.


Here is an interesting article from the HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé) which I have translated:

“After being infected with SARS-CoV-2, most individuals develop an immune response that can be measured by the production of antibodies against the virus. – Serological tests do not make it possible to determine whether or not a person is contagious. – People who have been in contact with the virus, who have cleared the virus and no longer have symptoms are considered cured, as with any acute viral infection. – However, the presence of antibodies is not synonymous with immune protection, or immunity. While the presence of neutralising antibodies has been observed in some patients, there is as yet no correlation of protection. A certain medium-term, lasting or definitive protection is not guaranteed. – The occurrence of re-infection or reactivation of the virus cannot be ruled out at the present time, as is the case with other coronaviruses. While the risk of developing serious forms in the event of reinfection would be very low, a person with antibodies would be likely to be re-infected and thus contaminate his or her entourage”.

Basically it says that you can be reinfected, maybe with a less serious illness, but potentially contaminating again….



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World cumulative numbers of cases as of Oct 2nd
World daily numbers of cases as of Oct 2nd
Top countries with recorded deaths over 550 per 1 million


France cumulative numbers of cases as of Oct 2nd
France daily numbers of cases as of Oct 2nd


Summary of hospitalisations by regions in France




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The Septembre storms

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✒︎ 50% Following the success of the first edition, the town of Carcassonne is re-releasing the operation “50% at my shopkeeper’s” from 21st to 28th November.

Vouchers will be available from 16 Monday November at the “Reconquête Bastide” counter in rue Aimé Ramon. The principle, for the purchase of a voucher sold 10€ you will receive a voucher worth 20€.

This time the town hall will limit the purchase to 4 vouchers per person so that as many people as possible can enjoy it.


✒︎ Blood Types – A new study of more than one million people suggests those with a certain blood type are less at risk of contracting Covid-19 than others.

The study of 1.05 million participants over four months, published on medrxiv.org, has found people with O-type blood may be less susceptible to contracting coronavirus.

There are a few other studies round the world which tend to suggest the same. There is at the moment no proof or reason why. It is just a first analysis of data. The same results also show that people with A-type blood are the most affected.

✒︎ Communication from the “Academie Nationale de Médecine” / National Medical Academy dated 28 septembre 2020 (obtained from a doctor friend and which I translated)

The likelihood of a second wave of Covid-19 epidemics, greater than in March-April and which would overwhelm our control capacities, can no longer be ruled out:

The resurgence of the epidemic, observed since July, was followed by a geographical extension and acceleration, confirmed in France and other countries during September, with worrying consequences on the number of hospitalisations, intensive care admissions and deaths;

As prevention measures are regularly respected by only a part of the population, the transmission of the virus is maintained throughout the country and is favoured in large conurbations, particularly in university towns where student life neglects restrictions;

The carelessness of young people, who are aware that they do not belong to the groups most at risk but are often unaware of their role in intergenerational transmission, is compounded by the deleterious effect of discourse questioning the effectiveness and necessity of prevention measures or describing them as compulsory in the name of libertarian principles;

The “test – trace – isolate” strategy, undermined by a doctrine that encouraged as many people as possible to be tested, has become ineffective because of the overcrowding of diagnostic and screening channels, leading to unacceptable delays in the delivery of results;

Rapid tests, saliva samples and antigenic tests are slow to be put on the market and integrated into the diagnosis and screening strategy;

The approach of the winter season, which will favour the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, as well as other respiratory viruses, makes the current dynamics of the epidemic more worrying;

The level of collective immunity of the population is far too low to hope to contain a new spread of SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, the vaccine prospects being as remote as they are uncertain.

The question now is whether it will be possible to avoid a second, if not generalised, at least partial containment, which could inexorably worsen the economic and social impact of the health crisis.
Knowing that the effect of effective preventive measures only becomes apparent after a delay of 2 to 3 weeks, the National Academy of Medicine recommends that the following measures be implemented as a matter of urgency:

Restoring confidence and building public support by basing government communication on the opinion of a panel of citizens to ensure that the objectives are clear, that the terms used are understandable, and that the recommended measures are coherent and not contradictory;

Appeal to the collective responsibility of each citizen, from childhood onwards, by promoting altruistic and supportive behaviour: “protect yourself to protect others”;

Remind young adults of the need to respect barrier gestures by wearing masks in all social and working environments and the risk of contracting a serious form of the virus, of having permanent after-effects, even after a mild form, and of transmitting the virus to their family, friends and colleagues;

Avoid the closure of establishments and give priority to strict enforcement of compulsory measures, to be multiplied in all places open to the public: shops, restaurants, bars, museums, theatres…

Constantly inform about the need to isolate oneself as soon as symptoms suggestive of Covid-19 appear, without waiting for the confirmatory test result;

Analyse the current use of the StopCovid application and identify ways of developing it.

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The dreaded statistics

Top countries according to the number of deaths (above 5.000)

Cases by country v population (100.000 Cases upwards)

Incomplete data this week. Working on it.

France follow-up

Occitanie & Aude follow-up


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