Blues time

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2 Responses to Blues time

  1. Siegrid says:

    Very touching, the soundless “sound of silence”. Yes, you’re right. Even if the plans of everyone might be different from yours (holiday plannings…), we all might simply miss some things to look forward to… We all should try to organize smaller things. Why not smaller but more than one familly meeting at Christmas? And not specially the 24th/25th December, but until the end of January. A “bit-by-bit-Christmas”… We must be flexible with the Covid. But not sad.

  2. Brent McTavish says:

    I’m there too JJ. Feeling a little down and unmotivated at present. By now our winter get away would be sorted and paid for. And I had hoped to be able to go back to Canada to visit my ageing Dad. But like so many others, we too are not going anywhere soon. It also feel like ‘the circle” of friends in Carca is shrinking exponentially due to socialising restrictions. Mais, c’est la vie maintenant… Most of us have reasonably good health and may it stay that way. Upwards and onwards. All the best to you and Carole. Cheerio B

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