False alarm

The internal alarm went off a couple of days ago and one of the installed cameras sent me a picture. Nothing to be seen. Must have been a large moth or similar flying by the movement detectors.

In any case it is good to know one is protected.

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2 Responses to False alarm

  1. tony lloyd says:

    JJ, I simply cannot remember any more, but is any comparison of the death rates shown in the table valid? There is no internationally agreed counting standard. For instance France only counts hospital deaths whereas the uk counts all deaths that have occured within 28 days of testing positive for C-19. They seem to have infection rates secure, albeit with different test, track and trace methods and some dodgy processes – but the sum of all the parts seems to work. I have come to the conclusion that comparison between nations’ absolute numbers is futile, but the comparison of the rates of change is probably valid. Tony

    • JJS says:

      Hi, I think we have a sensible comparison in the European countries nowadays. France counts also all deaths for all reasons when people tested positive to COVID-19. They produce 2 numbers. Hospital deaths and deaths outside the hospitals (the majority is in old people homes). The European countries which still includes the UK have also agreed on the same alert levels i.e Incidence rate and reproduction rate. Quite a step forward in the comparisons and quite amazing since anything medical / health does is not included in EU chart.

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