Today’s walk

Capitelles de Conques – Plaine de Cocalière

A few miles north of Carcassonne

Just purchased these walking sticks a few days ago. They are supposed to help your posture, reduce back aches and allow some arm muscle training.

I have a feeling it worked

A really nice afternoon to go for a Couple of hours walk through the local „garrigue“ (scrubland).

Next walk

Boucle de la Vigie à la Chapelle des Auzils

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3 Responses to Today’s walk

  1. Beaune says:

    What are the stone huts?

    • JJS says:

      Theay are called Capitelle. A capitelle (in Languedocian capitèlo) is a dry-stone hut, i.e. without mortar, formerly used as a temporary shelter for small owners, their tools and their agricultural produce in the old garrigues.

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