Today’s walk (II)

Boucle de la Vigie à la Chapelle des Auzils

Just in time, before the 2nd confinement, we tried another walk. This time we had to drive to Gruissan and the “Massif de La Clape”.

The walk is not difficult, there is a gradual climb through the woods to the plateau. It takes around 3 hours to do the 10km (it is registered at 8.7km but that does not take into account the couple of mistakes one is bound to make).

At the start, the way leads you through vines which at this time of year are very colorful

The views from the top is fantastic with the sea in the background.

Did not see any wildlife which is quite surprising as it must be full of animals. The area is also well known for the abundance of wild bores which I am fairly glad we did not come across.

Plants, flowers and in particular the scents of wild rosemary are omnipresent.

Unfortunately, we are on a second lockdown starting October 30th, so another walk will have to wait at least one month.

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