Local Confinement Daily – November 6th 2020


Day 8 of Confinement period #2





Intensive care occupancy rate still growing.

Is there a flatening effect?


✑ Olives – I know that some of you are affected or interested

According to the interprofessional association France Olives, more than two thirds of French olive growers are amateurs, not registered as farmers, and therefore theoretically subject to confinement.

While the olive harvest is in full swing, confinement is likely to handicap about two thirds of French olive growers. “Agricultural activities seem to be well authorised, which will allow olive growers with the status of farmers and mills to continue working and thus harvest and extract oil from the olives,” says the inter-professional association France Olives, which adds, however, that “more than two-thirds of French olive growers are amateurs, often passionate, but without the status of farmers”.

The sector has therefore intervened with the public authorities to obtain derogations, and this has been done since the beginning of the week. Amateur olive growers, to go to their olive groves or to bring their production to the mill, can tick the first box of the derogatory certificate (travel for professional reasons), but can also download the harvest certificate on the France Olives website.

Meteo – It does not look too good



Within the constraining limit of the imposed 1km radius, we have decided to go out every day and make the most of it. That was our route yesterday.


The Aude river

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