November 7th 2020

Day 233 overall & 9th day of the second confinement phase


A fairly depressing situation. Numbers are going up all over the world despite confinements. Europe is the epi centre of it all at the moment and France the “bad boy” within Europe. I have to say that apart from the fact that “non-essential” shops and bars are closed, there appears to be as many people on the street as on a normal “non-confinement” day. Obviously people do not appear to care.

The Aude departement is #56 out of 101 French departements with 230,75 deaths per million. The top 4 (Belfort, Haut Rhin, Val de Marne, Paris) are all above the the 1.000 mark with Belfort leading with 1.541 deaths per million.

We have seen this past week the biggest increase of hospital cases in Occitanie with 484 and we have now over 1.100 deaths to deplore.


An interesting statistic is the recorder number of deaths in France by months. I have only recorded the the past 3 years. The year to date deaths (Jan to Sep) difference between 2020 and 2019 amount to 23.510 which is 59% of the announced Covid related deaths so far this year. Some how this tells me the situation is not as bad as one might think. It is also cvery clear to see that there was a peak of deaths in March and April of this year during the so-called 1st wave.


Actual at the time of posting


This week

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The IR is still growing. No poistive effect from the confinement to be observed yet.

Autumn views

✒︎ Antigenic tests

Pharmacists can now carry out Covid antigenic tests. The promise from the Government was: a free test, totally paid for by the Health Insurance, the result of which is known in less than half an hour. The test is aimed primarily at people who have symptoms, are under 65 and have no risk factors. It must be carried out within four days of the first signs of illness. 

No prescription necessary

Those who do not have symptoms can also benefit, but with a risk of error. “A patient can come to his pharmacist when he is asymptomatic, and the test can be carried out: if it is positive, the test is reliable, if it is negative, there is a doubt”, explains Philippe Besset, the president of the Federation of Pharmacists. Rapid antigenic tests do not require a prescription, and can also be performed by general practitioners and private nurses.

✒︎ Press release – Préfecture Carcassonne, 2 November 2020

Checks on the measures applicable from 29 October to 1 December, and security measures in order to curb the Covid-19 epidemic that is rampant in France and Europe, decree n°2020-1310 of 29 October2020 prescribes measures to deal with the spread of viruses in a state of public health emergency, the announcements made by the President of the Republic on 28 October last: limitation of the number of movement and closure of establishments throughout the country from Friday 30 October to Sunday 30 October. 0.00, until 1 December 2020.
At the same time, France is facing a particularly high terrorist threat. This is why the level of the Vigipirate plan has been raised to the maximum level of “Emergency – Attacks”.
The Aude prefecture takes stock of the measures taken locally and the mobilisation of the security forces hired as of this weekend.

➢ Prefectorial decree of 30 October and reinforcement of the wearing of masks is compulsory.
The Prefect of the Aude region issued an order on 30 October making the wearing of masks, already compulsory on the markets, heavily frequented areas and gatherings of more than 6 people authorised as a derogation, to the whole of the public highway of the communes of Carcassonne, Narbonne, Castelnaudary Lézignan-Corbières and Limoux.
Furthermore, all types of shops must be closed between 9pm and 6am, a period when only the delivery of goods is allowed is authorised, except for the sale of alcohol, which remains prohibited.
If tolerance was in place for this weekend of application of the measures, the time has now come for the strict observance of all provisions. In spite of the confinement, it was noted that the circulation of many vehicles this weekend, as well as the green spaces, banks of the Aude and other gardens were far too crowded. As a reminder, these spaces have not been closed for the moment. Walks must be carried out close to the home, and for a maximum of one hour. As recalled on the travel certificate, these journeys must be brief, and it is imperative to avoid proximity other persons, not belonging to the family nucleus. Any excess in the non-respect of these recommendations will lead the Prefect of the Aude to take more restrictive measures to close down these green spaces.
➢ Trade in non-essential products: towards greater equity and respect for measures
of closing. From this weekend, security forces mobilised to check the closure of the shops of non-essential products. This is essential to ensure effective containment.

Indeed, there are no grounds for derogation to allow movement to this type of business. Also, managers such as well as customers of the shop risk being fined if they open and visit this type of shop.

In addition, on Saturday 31 October, the mayors of Carcassonne and Narbonne issued decrees to authorise shops to be opened even though they are administratively closed by the decree of 29 October 2020. These municipal by-laws are illegal and the Prefect of the Aude immediately referred them to the Administrative Court of Montpellier. Any other decree of the same type will be equally firmly opposed.
Our collective responsibility is at stake in the face of a virus that has already killed nearly 37,000 people.
At the same time, Sophie ELIZEON, Prefect of the Aude, called from Sunday the large and medium sized stores as well as multi-trade names whose shops are authorised to open because their APE code enters within the scope of the decree of 29 October 2020, to condemn their shelves of non-essential products, by concern for fairness with small town centre shops. Following the Prime Minister’s announcements, the forces of the order will be uncompromising in their compliance with these provisions.

➢ Reinforcements to monitor sensitive sites as part of the threat terrorist 150 gendarmes were mobilised this weekend to ensure the security of the All Saints’ Day services and other religious ceremonies. For the first day of the school year, their number will be increased to 250, thanks to the mobilisation of reservists, for the security of schools. In the police zone, civil servants will be priority to this security mission. The municipal police also provide their support within the framework of coordination agreements with the internal security forces.
In addition, a Sentinel platoon armed by the 3rd RPIMa is deployed today in Carcassonne from 7:00 am and until 20 November. Another Sentinel section is temporarily assigned to Narbonne for the day of 2 November. Their mission is to ensure the surveillance of sensitive sites, such as the buildings religious institutions, schools or public buildings. They act in close coordination with internal security forces.
Finally, in the context of the exceptional situation that we are going through, the general management of the gendarmerie “The National Commission” makes part of its reserve available. Thus, two Security and Intervention Detachments Vigipirate (DSIV) will be put at the disposal of the Aude departmental gendarmerie group as from
from 3 November to 1 December in favour of the Carcassonne and Narbonne police stations.
The Prefect of the Aude region calls on the Audoises and the Audois to scrupulously respect the measures ofcontainment, so that the security forces’ resources are concentrated primarily on the securing sensitive sites against the terrorist threat.

✒︎ Daily walk

Second time in the Bastide but this time yesterday we went South-North-South through the streets. All well within the 1km radius the 1 hour (59 minutes in fact) and almost the 5km objective.

✒︎ Tour de France

Finish: Friday, July 9, 2021 – Stage of 220 km Nîmes > Carcassonne
Start : Saturday, July 10, 2021 – Stage of 184 km Carcassonne > Quillan


Poires pochées au vin

Boil the wine with the sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice.
Add the peeled pears and cook over a low heat for about 20 minutes.
Leave the pears to cool in the wine syrup.
Drain and serve.

I am afraid, I have very little available this week as I have avoided following the news about the election. I just want the results not bullshit being reported for days on end.


Some unbelievable adds

✒︎ Top countries according to the number of deaths (above 5.000)

Data from Nov 7th


✒︎ Cases by country v population (1.000 Cases upwards)


✒︎ France follow-up


✒︎ Occitanie & Aude follow-up




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