It is quite difficult to plan when there is 1 km radius limit imposed on you due to the current virus crisis and ensuing confinement rules.

That does not stop planning routes for when better times will be available again. There are quite a few apps on the market which have defined hiking routes. Something like “visorando” is quite popular.

I have been searching for the possibility to plan my own routes and get a downloadable map with waypoints and GPS coordinates and I think I have found a fairly good solution with “Komoot”.

I have been experimenting on my main computer with a large 27″ screen. I can define a starting point as well as waypoints just by marking a spot on the map. There is a choice of maps one can use from Google maps to Apple Maps but if you know me, I chose an open source map “open street?”

This is a test run for a short walk around town

So roll on better days, no confinement and the possibility to go further afield to explore the region’s country side.

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