Local Confinement Daily – November 11th 2020

Day 12 of the 2nd Confinement





IR is still on the rise


TV annoucement / allocutionst

– The President M. Emmanuel Macron is due to make a speech on TV on Wednesday Nov 11th at 8pm. I am not expecting the speech to be about Covid-19 but to concentrate more on Nov 11th + security in the country after the recent attacks.

– The Prime Minister M. Jean Castex will be holding a press conference on Thursday 12th at 6 p.m which will be about possible new measures regarding Covid-19.

La Magie de Noël

Everybody suspected it a little but the mayor Mr Gerard Larrat made it official yesterday: The Magic of Christmas will not take place this year, just like the fireworks planned for December 31st.


Meteo – Blue sky right now but will change this afternoon possibly compromising the daily walk.



Within the constraining limit of the imposed 1km radius, we have decided to go out every day and make the most of it.

Missed a turning today which meant we had to go a longer way round to get back to the originally planned route. Should not have gone to the other side of the railway line.

No real problem apart from the fact that we had to walk on the main road, no pavement / sidewalk and a lot of traffic. It was not comfortable.

I saw en route quite a few Gendarmes stopping cars and people to verify they had a valid attestation. This was in the area at the bottom of rue Trivalle. Be warned.


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