Local Confinement Daily – November 16th 2020

Day 17 of the 2nd Confinement

I always use to say that “German humour is no laughing matter“, but it is not quite the case.

Thank you Sally for the links.




The hospital cases are increasing and have basically doubled since the beginning of the month. The Incidence Rate and the Reproduction Rate are still showing a positive trend.



Latest PCR Tests update from Nov 11th


There are actually a hanful of vaccines in development. I am trying to gather all the information necessary to have an overview.


✑ Vigipirate

Like if we had nothing else to worry about, let us not forget that the Vigipirate plan has been brought to the level of emergency attacks throughout the national territory since October 29, 2020. This is the highest alert level of the anti-terrorism system. I


Meteo – Cool day ahead but ideal for a brisk walk. Temperatures are beginning to drop in the coming days.



Within the constraining limit of the imposed 1km radius, we have decided to go out every day and make the most of it.

Yesterday’s walk, another 5,7km in 1h 07 minutes

We bumped into known faces a few 100 meters from home, hence the 7 minutes…

I use komoot.com to plan and record the tours. It will also record when and where I take photos. I have started to plan longer hikes in the country side for the long awaited post-confinement priod.

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