Office research

Started doing some investigative research on the vaccines being developed to combat COVID-19. As I understand it from good authority (thank you Bryan), there are 54 vaccines in some stage of clinical trials on humans, plus another 87 preclinical vaccines on animals – so well over 100 of them in total. However, there are only about 12 vaccines in Phase 3.

Two have been announced in the past couple of days of having above 90% results. It is of course not that straight forward as one of them would require storage in extremely cold conditions which is not possible at the average pharmacy. The other would give immunity (94%) for 6 months only.

The other possibility worrying aspect is the fact that the shares for the two companies involved have rocketed and making some people overnight billionaires. Is there some kind of financial manipulation?

Even the moron in chief IQ45 boosted in a tweet that this is happening during his watch and as we all know, anything he comments on has got to be fishy.

Much more investigation is required

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