Confinement Weekly – November 21st 2020

Day 247 overall & 22nd day of the second confinement phase

The peak of the second wave of the Covid-19 epidemic in France has probably been passed, the French public health agency Santé publique France said on Friday, although it called for “preventive measures” to be maintained. For the week of 9 to 15 November, there was a simultaneous drop in the number of new confirmed cases of contamination (-40%), hospitalisations (-13%) and intensive care admissions (-9%).

The same trend is visible in our Occitanie region, very pleasing is the significant drop in the Incidence Rate and in particular the Reproduction Rate which stands yesterday at 0,64.

Also positive is that our Aude departement is ranked 66 out of 101 for the number of death per 1 million with 276. The top department of Belfort in the north east has reached the number of 1.762. Paris is also very high at 1.106

I heard on the TV yesterday the usual criticism from pseudo-experts on the lockdown and the shutting down of non-essential businesses. They gave as an example Belgium which is under lockdown but where bars and restaurants are open. In fact, Belgium is probably the epicentre of the epidemic in Europe. They have a death rate per million of 1.344 compared for instance to the UK with 817 and France 720.


Thank you for that one Laurie


This week

Last week

A fortnight ago







Number of PCR Tests (new)

I reported this data yesterday already but there is no update available currently in the official pages. If something turns up, I shall update during the day.

Coppa di Sicilia 1920

Enzo Ferrari driving an Alfa Romeo

✒︎ Shopping


Poultry, giblets, roasts, raw or cooked duck livers… every year, the Aude fat fairs delight lovers of Aude food and delight the taste buds as Christmas and New Year’s Day approach. Supported by the Department, the Pays cathare brand, with its exceptional local products, makes sparks fly on the stands. In order to maintain these culinary festivities in this period of health crisis, the organisers have reviewed the course of the days so that the barrier gestures can be respected. Wearing a mask and social distancing will be compulsory. So let’s get down to the treats and see you this Saturday 21st November in Limoux.

✒︎ Instagram

It has now been 10 days since I left Instagram. I have to report no withdrawal symptoms and in fact a small satisfaction at thumbing my nose (pied de nez in French) at Facebook and other American outfits. I have a real concern at the safety of my data and have been switching to safer European servers little by little. Should I remind everyone that as a result of 9/11 the Act of Congress “Patriot Act” authorises security services to access computer data held by individuals and companies without prior authorisation and without informing users. This includes all US based servers.

Mistakes are easily made and there is a lot of cases of stolen / borrowed / mistaken identity

✒︎ Bird flu

There are a lot of discussions going on about a new epidemic in Europe and in France as well. We have of course nothing else to worry about… and it is only fair that birds should be confined as well. In fact very little is being reported apart from the headlines, in partcular this morning, that it is not transmissible to humans.

Has anyone got more info on this?

✒︎ Vendee Globe

I have been following the race at least 4 time a day. Much has happened in the past few days. One of the favorite boat “Charral” had to return to base after a breakdown. Repairs were possible and with a few days delay, the skipper decided to enter the race again. He left Les Sables D’Olonne on Tuesday and is making the most of the changing wind conditions. He clocked 349,8 Nautical Miles (647,8 km) in the past 24 hours. He is nevertheless some 5.813 km behind the leaders at the moment. Exciting stuff.

✒︎ Mushroom season

Bought a few yesterday from this place and I am looking forward to the omelette with sautéed Chanterelles at lunch time.

✒︎ Diet news

✒︎ Daily walk

Quite another long tour yesterday. We had to turn back a couple of times due to the fact we could not find the paths we needed and therefore ended up in cul de sacs.


Tomates farcies à l’ancienne

Another typical south of France favorite

Ingredients / for 4 persons – 8 large tomatoes (2 per person)

30 g butter or margarine

400 g of minced beef

400 g of minced sausage meat

70 g of stale breadcrumbs

1/2 glass of milk

1 onion

3 cloves of garlic

3 shallots

1 egg

50 g breadcrumbs or crushed rusk


Rice (3 to 4 bags)


Salt, pepper

1 In each tomato, cut out a lid, opposite side to the stalk. Then hollow them out with a teaspoon, taking care not to pierce the skin. Salt and turn them over on a dish to drain them. Keep the pulp.
2 Prepare the oven: rack at half height, moderate thermostat. Preheat or cook.
3 Filling: moisten the bread with warm milk. Squeeze it and mix it with meat, parsley, chopped onion and garlic, egg, salt, pepper and a little tomato pulp. Pack in the tomatoes, and put their cap back on. Cook the rice.
4 Make a nice bed of rice at the bottom of a dish. Place the tomatoes on this bed of rice. Coat the hats with a little oil. Sprinkle them with breadcrumbs, and put a little tomato pulp and juice between them.
To finish
As soon as the oven is at the desired temperature, place in the oven. Bake for about 45 minutes or more .

Nothing much to report on the moron


Some unbelievable adds

Legal and obligatory virus protection gear as of Dec 1st

✒︎ Top countries according to the number of deaths (above 5.000)

Data from Nov 7th


✒︎ Cases by country v population (1.000 Cases upwards)


✒︎ France follow-up


✒︎ Occitanie & Aude follow-up




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