Local Confinement Daily – November 20th 2020

Day 21 of the 2nd Confinement




The curve is flatening out it would appear



Latest PCR Tests update from Nov 16th


Meteo – The temperature is dropping down, only a high of 10 degrees foreseen today


✑ International 🗞

Donald Trump didn’t work much before he lost the election to Joe Biden earlier this month – even in the midst of a public health crisis – but now he’s not even pretending to care about upholding his oath and doing his job.

As MSNBC’s Ari Melber pointed out on Thursday night, Trump has basically been in hiding since the election. Often times, his public work schedule is completely empty.

“They release a schedule, it’s a public schedule and often has things the president is doing,” Melber said. “Donald Trump has had nothing, not even a pretend event or phone call, on the schedule in 12 of the last 16 days.”

(© politicusa.com)


✑ Entertainment 📽

Unusual for me, but I got hooked on this mini Netflix series. So I might as well pass it on. There is very little else to do.



Within the constraining limit of the imposed 1km radius, we have decided to go out every day and make the most of it.

No walk yesterday due to the weather, although the clouds disappeared to be replaced by blue sky late afternoon.

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