Local Confinement Daily – November 25th 2020

Day 26 of the 2nd Confinement

Thany you Larry. I really like that one.


Thank you Shelley


βœ’οΈŽEmmanuel Macron‘s TV appearance on Novembre 24th

Here is the summary of the announcement concerning the expected 3 stages. It has to be noted that the Prime Minister Jean Castex will detail Emmanuel Macron’s announcements on Thursday morning during a scheduled press conference.

“The peak of the second wave of the epidemic has passed. Our efforts, your efforts have paid off. Together we have achieved these results. It is all together that we have saved lives,” said the President of the Republic. “We have slowed down the circulation of the virus, but it remains very present in France and throughout the northern hemisphere. We must continue our efforts. We will have to continue to stay at home, to telework when possible, to renounce private meetings, family gatherings and all unnecessary travel”.

Stage 1

❒ From Saturday 28th November: reopening of small shops

From Saturday onwards, certificates will still be required for outings, but outdoor trips for walking or physical activity will be extended to 20 km and for 3 hours, compared to 1 km and one hour at present.

Outdoor extra-curricular activities will again be allowed, as will services in places of worship, with a strict limit of 30 people.

Small shops*, including bookshops and record shops, will be allowed to reopen until 9pm under a “strict” health protocol negotiated with all professionals. Home services will also be able to resume.

*(note from JJ for the ladies in particular: Small shops include hairdressers)

Stage 2

❒ From 15 December 15th: end of confinement, establishment of a curfew

If the new daily contaminations drop to 5,000 and the number of people in intensive care falls to between 2,500 and 3,000, the “containment can be lifted” on 15 December. 

It will be replaced by a national curfew from 9 pm to 7 am, with an exception for the evenings of 24 and 31 December when traffic will be free, Emmanuel Macron also announced.

As of 15 December, “we will be able to move around without authorisation again, including between regions, and spend Christmas with our families” but limiting “unnecessary travel”, the head of state announced.

Extra-curricular activities in classrooms will once again be authorised, “with strict rules”.

Cinemas, theatres and museums will be able to reopen on 15 December, if the restrictions are lifted by that date. “A time-stamping system will make it possible to organise performances at the end of the day”, said Emmanuel Macron without further explanation.

The president considered it “impossible” to open the winter sports resorts before the end of the year festivities because of the health risks.

Vaccination against Covid-19 would begin “from late December, early January” for “the most vulnerable people. It would not be compulsory.

Stage 3

❐ From January 20th: reopening of restaurants

The third stage will begin on 20 January, again “if the number of contaminations remains below 5,000 cases per day”, with in particular the possible reopening of restaurants. And the curfew may be postponed. On the other hand, no date of possible reopening has been given for the bars, which have also been closed since the end of October, nor for the discotheques, which have been closed since the first containment.

If the sanitary conditions are met, the secondary schools could be “fully open, with all the pupils” around 20 January. Two weeks later, “the universities will be able to resume classes, again with the physical presence of all students,” added the President of the Republic.

Every fortnight there will be a fortnightly update on the health situation “and we will then decide whether we can take additional opening measures or whether, on the contrary, we need to go back to prevent any further spread of the virus”, the president added.

“More binding” with those who have the virus

“We must be more restrictive towards those who have the virus,” said Emmanuel Macron. “I want the government and parliament to provide the conditions to ensure the isolation of infected people, including in a more restrictive manner,” said the head of state, promising that “these people will be accompanied materially, health and psychologically.

Aid to closed companies increased

Businesses “that will remain administratively closed” in the coming weeks, such as restaurants, will be able to obtain aid corresponding to 20% of their annual turnover, instead of the €10,000 already proposed.



Targets to be reached by December 15th to stop the confinement

It is going to be very difficult to achieve





βœ’οΈŽIncidence rate

Still on a downward trend



Latest info on PCR Tests


βœ‘ Meteo – I was out early this morning for a change to go for a sheduled blood test and it is very mild out there. Quite windy from the East (Marin wind) which we all know by now will bring clouds, hunidity and rain.


βœ‘ The new 20km radius is a great improvement. I better start planning suitable hikes in the new area as from this coming Saturday



Within the constraining limit of the imposed 1km radius, we have decided to go out every day and make the most of it.

A slightly shorter walk yesterday

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