Pi 3B

I am all set, my Raspberry PI 3 Model B (retailing at €38,50) is all set up.

I even have installed the necessary software (email client, browser) to use it as a desktop if needed.

What remains to be done which is the original idea behind acquisition of this particular piece of equipment a few months ago is finding interesting projects and code away.

I have downloaded a few free of charge guide books which I need to study during the long winter evenings ahead of us. Confinement and forthcoming curfew will help.

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2 Responses to Pi 3B

  1. Acki says:

    Wenn der Pi schon läuft probier mal den ioBroker. Der kann so ziemlich alles was es im Netzwerk bzw. Smarthome Segment gibt. Inkl. Visualisierungsplattform usw.
    Bei mir kommuniziert er mit FritzBox (Eingangskamera aufs Telefon), Denon AV Receiver, Alexa, Homematic Smarthome usw ……. – An der Haustür habe ich ein altes Tablet mit einem fully-Browser, da sehe ich welche Lampen an sind, Fenster auf sind, Jalousien usw …
    VG Acki

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