Local Confinement Daily – February 1st 2021




▫️ Despite these periods of semi-confinement, curfew and other restrictions time appears to fly by. February 2021 is upon us already. At this stage we are all expecting a worsening of the sanitary crisis and a possible 3rd strict confinement. The next few days will be decisive.

▫️ February has never been my favorite month and I have almost always tried in the past to get away as far south of possible on business or holidays. Unfortunately, it will not be possible this time round. Quite a depressing thought.

▫️ I need to rethink the format of these posts. I do not think it is really necessary to keep a daily record of the data / statistics on the blog. It simply uses badly needed memory space. It might be best to have a dedicated page / space on the blog where the data is updated everyday and replaces the previous one. I would not stop a daily post on other subjects and in any case I have a multitude of Excel files on my computer (myCloud) where I keep records of all the data I extract from different sources. I shall think further about this and experiment.

▫️ The German laboratory BioNTech announced earlier today an acceleration of deliveries to the European Union of the Covid-19 vaccine developed with the American Pfizer, promising up to 75 million additional doses in the second quarter.


Daily Snapshot


▫️ Vaccinations report

The end of January 1 Million target has been surpassed by almost half a million. The original target for vaccinations by the end of February was 2.5 Million (although before the vaccinations started, a number of 4,5 Million had been mentionned). Assuming the delivery of vaccines, my projection is 3,5 Million.

Cummulative target end of February 2.5 Million vaccinations



Top countries according to new cases







PCR Tests



▫️ Music

Not necessarily liked at the time. Accused of being too commercial, ABBA produced some great music.

▫️ Vendée Globe

The 11th competitor “L’Occitane en Provence” arrived a few hours ago.


On the way

On the way





Bison Futé
Vigie Crues
Open Street Map

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