Daily Post – February 11th 2021

Living through a pandemic in the south of France

330 days in Carcassonne since the 1st lockdown in March 2020

▫️ News and titbits

▫️ Not too much time today. I had a regular check-up appointment at the hospital with my endocrinologist regarding my diabetes. All is well on that score. He even used the word “remarkable” which makes you feel great instantly.

▫️ I shall now catch-up with the daily news and if necessary update this post accordingly.

▫️ Daily and weekly Corona virus statistics are visible here .

▫️ Litterature

Yesterday I started reading (hence no time for the Blog) this book from Mr Bruno Lemaire who is a French politician and former diplomat currently serving as Minister of the Economy and Finance since 2017. So far so good, very well written.


Here is a nice web page which allows you to visit the Elysée Palace (residence of the French President) virtually,


All the COVID-causing virus circulating in the world right now could easily fit inside a single cola can, according to a calculation by a British mathematician whose sum exposes just how much devastation is caused by minuscule viral particles.

Using global rates of new infections with the pandemic disease, coupled with estimations of viral load, Bath University maths expert Kit Yates worked out there are nearly two quintillion – or two billion billion – particles of the novel coronavirus, or SARS-CoV2, in the world at any one time.

▫️ ANCILLARY NOTES FROM A SMALL ISLAND from our correspondent in Britain

🖊 Actualités gourmandes:

Iceland creates Beans & ‘Bix breakfast bundle in response to social media frenzy.

A supermarket chain has jumped in to the controversial Beans & ‘Bix breakfast combo storm by creating a special deal to allow shoppers to try the peculiar pairing at home.

Frozen food giant Iceland has created the ultimate brakfast bundle so customers can get the bizarre feast for just £5.

The exclusive online deal includes Heinz Beans (£2.50, 4 pack) and Weetabix (£3) so shoppers can mix up the most important meal of the day.

Twitter users voiced their concerns for Weetabix after the brand uploaded the monster of a dish. Food critic, Grace Dent, claimed “this is the worst food I have ever seen with my eyes”.

Pass the bucket!

🖊 Executive opportunity you may have missed:

IKEA UK appoints Chief Play Officer

IKEA has today appointed its very first Chief Play Officer (CPO).

Toby Watts, aged 5 from Warwickshire, will be given the important job of testing and trying all new toy launches in 2021.

After advertising the job on LinkedIn in December, IKEA was overwhelmed with over 500 adorable applications from budding toy testers aged 4-12 across the UK.

Toby won the hearts of IKEA co-workers, who collectively made the decision, with his creative video in which he recites a poem about his love for playing.

In the video, Toby tells the camera: “I love making and baking and drawing and roaring. I love hiding and riding and seeking and finding. I love building with bricks and creating with sticks. Cars, trains, boats and planes. And I’m always ready to play lots of games! Let’s use our imagination to make a creation!’”.

I said executives are getting younger every day!



One of my favorite piece from the Beatles in the later years.




It looks like today is the day to go out says he who is stuck in front of a computer screen.

Still all is quiet as far as floods are concerned in our region.

We are still “Green”.


Two boats have arrived this morning as planned. La Mie câline and DMG MORI Global One. I watched the arrival of the later one live on my screen. The skipper Kojiro Shiraishi is the first Asian skipper to do the Vendée Globe. What is incredible is that Kojiro’s main sail tear apart early in the race and it took him 6 days to repair in the middle of the ocean.

Another 3 boats are expected later today and this evening


Did not go out yesterday. It was not very nice out there.


Bison Futé
Vigie Crues
Open Street Map

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