Short break

Day 1

Lovely 400 km drive earlier today. Motorways were practically empty. A real shame, but it was pointless to stop in Marseille for lunch since all restaurants are closed.

Made it to Cavalaire early afternoon. The February sun was shining and very pleasant that was too.

Day 2

Beautiful morning. I have always loved waking up to this view. Loads planned today centered around eating and various aperitifs. Lunch will be of course outside on the terrace as there is no wind today.

Same picture as yesterday but with the sun behind this time. The colors are completely different.

Had a very busy and interesting day. After breakfast we went down to town to the weekly market. I was surprised at how big it was being winter time. I am used to it in the summer holiday months where the population explodes from 5.000 to 60.000+.

Bought loads of locally grown asparagus for dinner.

After that we went via the back roads to Ramatuelle and after following a long, very bumpy, dirt track through the woods, we arrived at the Domaine de la Tourraque to purchase some of their excellent wines. I must confess that we drank 5 bottles yesterday evening and I needed to refill my brother’s cellar and bring some back home for myself.

By then it was mid-morning so we decided to go to St Tropez which is round the corner. Quite sad somehow to see all the bars and restaurants closed. It possibly was the first time in my life I passed in front of Senequier without stopping for a drink.

Fortunately there were a few nice yachts to see. Quite a few for sale in fact.

You cannot be in St Tropez without buying one of the world famous Tropezienne Pie.

Saw this sign

Art is a virus

Short drive home in time for apéritif and excellent lunch on the terrace.

In the afternoon we went for a long walk along the beach where major work is going on to clean up and add sand to repair the damage done by the storms last year.

Some people were crazy enough to go for a swim. I bet they were English.

Back home in time for a ZOOM video conference with « La Bande » to agree on a new postponement of the reunion which originally was scheduled last October, then Next month. There is not much point in driving all the way to Brittany if nothing is opened to the public. We are going to try again in June.

Apéritif was again a joyous occasion followed by an excellent dinner with a generous amount of wine from the Domaine de la Tourraque.

Day 3

Today we are slowly making our way home with a lunch break in Six Four Les Plages at friends who are expecting us.

Had an excellent Aioli for lunch, a nice chat and left with the promise to get together no later than April.

Back in the car for the last leg and in time to beat the 6pm curfew. Trouble free journey. Being Thursday we were able to join per video call our friends C&J in Devon for the weekly Virtual Pub Quiz.

An intense 3 days, put on a few kilos but I fell like I have been on holiday. It certainly was needed after this Covid-19 winter.

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