Spring clean

Making the most of the nice weather to get going in the garden.

Step 1 – Clean up the grime on the garden furniture

I shall sand it all in the coming days before applying a coat of varnish. Once again it will look brand new.

Step 2 – The boys in blue (the company is actually called Everblue) turned up today to re-open the swimming pool.

It involved a lot of cleaning, service the machinery, empty some water, clean up the bottom of the pool (yuck), add a lot of salt, switch the pump and filters back on.

I was in fact surprised. The water was not as dirty as it might have been in past years. It took nevertheless some time to tidy things up.

Once the main jobs are done, all that remains is to add around 50kg of pure salt.

And within minutes the water begins to clear up. It will take at least 12 hours to be as it should be but one can already enjoy relaxing by the pool. By the way the water temperature is only 15º.

Step 3 – Sand and oil the garden furniture, get more bedding plants, do a couple of odd jobs and a final clean up.

Quite a good day really

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