Daily Post – April 13th

Living through a pandemic

in the south of France

391 days in Carcassonne since

1st lockdown in March 2020


Let’s get vaccinated! 💉 💉 💉

52 million French adults are to be vaccinated between now and August: never before has a campaign of such magnitude been launched on our soil. To counter an invisible enemy, but one that has been killing, infecting and hospitalizing thousands of people for the past year. It is the only way to make us immune to the virus, since no totally effective treatment exists to date and it is not possible to live confined forever.

It is the number one strategy to try to return to a “normal” life. A daily life where we can travel without limitations, work or attend classes without fear, go to the cinema or the theatre, dine out in a restaurant, experience emotions in a crowded stadium… It sounds like a dream! And it is possible. Even if vaccination is not compulsory, we understand that the more people who do it, the greater the chances of getting out of the tunnel.

The momentum is there but doubts remain

With 15%, our country is in the average range of the European Union. The beginnings were certainly laborious but the booster is now activated. A record was set on Friday: 510 000 people received an injection in one day. And this morning, the over-55s can now access the serums. The boost is there, but doubts remain. Of the four vaccines available (the fourth, Janssen, is arriving with 200 000 doses today), AstraZeneca, which is responsible for very rare cases of thrombosis in young people, is the most distrusted and is only offered to people over 55.

Will their effectiveness be the same as that of the South African or Brazilian variants? Doctors, health authorities and, above all, the Minister of Health, are standing firm and trying to reassure people in the face of these questions. The ultimate success of the campaign depends on it.

© Laurence Le Fur Cheffe du service société Le Parisien – Translated and adapted © J2S


The largest variety of grape varieties in the world planted on the INRAE’s Pech Rouge experimental site in Gruissan, Aude.

The INRAE site is multiplying major firsts. After the irrigation of vines using wastewater treatment, it is now the turn of a unique large-scale global study aimed at selecting the grape varieties best adapted to global warming.


This is the first “vaccidrive” in France. In Saint-Jean-de-Védas (Hérault), on the outskirts of Montpellier, residents can get vaccinated against Covid-19 from this Tuesday 13 April by staying in their car. “The initiative comes from the Saint-Jean clinic, which proposed this project to the prefecture and the regional health agency (ARS) a few weeks ago, telling us that they wanted to launch this experiment,” explained Alexandre Pascal, departmental delegate of the ARS Occitanie, to AFP. “The idea is to offer an additional means of getting vaccinated,” he said, pointing out that the “drive”, which will be “modest” in its early stages – 200 doses per week – will be located next to a “classic” vaccination centre open to the general public since January.


This afternoon in Carcassonne, cloudy conditions giving way to increasingly bright skies. No precipitation. Quite a pleasant day. Too nice tyo stay inside in fact.



Bison Futé
Vigie Crues
Open Street Map

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