© Article from L’Indépendant newspaper from 22/10/2021

The Halles celebrated wine last Thursday. This evening event, organised by the Halles Prosper-Montagné traders’ association and its president Marianne Billard, worked perfectly. To be reproduced absolutely. Ten wine growers from the region were associated with ten stallholders to promote their products. Naturally, the participants and visitors were able to eat on site. The aim was to associate the food of the Halles with local wines. The musical entertainment provided by the Convers’Band band delighted the public.

The plan was to go there and in fact we did queue for a while at one of the 2 entrance doors. We decided however that it was too crowded for the current health situation and we did not spot at the time any sign that the health pass was being checked. I have been told in the meantime that there was a check being carried out.

So to cut a long story short, all four of us went next door to the wine shop to pay a visit to my friend Dominique.

Her friend Anne from L’esperluette vineyard was there and we could taste one of her bottles of Mauzac.

On the way home we stopped Place Carnot where it was pleasant enough to sit outside and have another drink. It was 9pm when we left to go home not without stopping to order a pizza and another drink.

The evening carried on as it had started, in front of a bottle which in my case was whisky.

It turned out to be a pleasant evening after all

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