Info Post – November 14th

Living through a pandemic

in the south of France

604 days since

1st lockdown in March 2020



Fluctuat nec mergitur

Yesterday was the commemoration of the 13th of November 2015 attacks in France, claimed by the terrorist organisation Islamic State (Daech), consisting of a series of Islamist shootings and suicide attacks carried out in the evening in and around Paris by three separate commandos.

Fluctuat nec mergitur is a Latin phrase used as the motto of the city of Paris, meaning “It is beaten by the waves, but does not sink”.


✏️ FRANCE 🇫🇷

Thanks to the figures published by Santé publique France, here is a summary of the health situation in France and in the departments of Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales on Saturday 13 November.

Hospitalisations at their lowest in the Aude
In Aude, 38 people with Covid were hospitalised on Saturday, one less than the day before. This is the lowest figure since 25 July. Among these patients, 6 are treated in critical care units (intensive care, intensive care or continuous monitoring), +1 in 24 hours.

The number of deaths has not changed since 5 November, at 413. The incidence rate continues to rise, reaching 73.8 in the rolling week from 4 to 10 November, a figure published on 13 November.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, 1,538 people have been discharged from hospital, including one within 24 hours.

14% increase in hospital admissions in the Pyrénées-Orientales
In the Pyrénées-Orientales, 67 Covid patients are being treated in hospital (3 more in 24 hours). A figure that increases by 14% over a week and is the highest since 3 October. Of these, 7 are in critical care (resuscitation, intensive care or continuous monitoring), two more than on Friday. No additional deaths from Covid have been reported in the department since 4 November, nine days after it was first reported, with the death toll remaining at 416.

The incidence rate is still rising, from 89.6 to 91 per 100,000 inhabitants in the rolling week of 4 to 10 November, a figure published on 13 November.

Since March 2020, 1,811 people hospitalised have returned home, including one within 24 hours.

Incidence close to 100 in France
At the national level, there were 16 Covid deaths in hospital on Saturday 13 November, bringing the total number of hospital deaths to 91,211. Adding the 26,897 deaths in old people’s homes, since March 2020, 118,108 people have died of Covid, according to Santé publique France.

There were 67,050 people hospitalised (4 more than the previous day), including 1,202 in critical care, i.e. 20 more in 24 hours. France recorded 14,646 new cases in 24 hours on 13 November, compared to 9,605 last Saturday, an increase of 53%.

The incidence rate continued to rise on Saturday, as it did at the end of October, and stood at 98.3 per 100,000 inhabitants in the rolling week from 4 to 10 November.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, 430,476 patients have been able to return home, cured, including 199 within 24 hours.


I am quite keen to follow the situation in Germany, after-all our family children and grand children live there. Furthermore, it is our planned destination for the Xmas holiday and I fear new restrictions might endanger that.



Not drinking alcohol at all could be riskier for seniors than moderate drinking

Drinking alcohol in moderation could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in the elderly, according to researchers who analysed this topic in Australia and the United States. The notion of “moderation” varies from country to country, but the French remain among the world’s heaviest alcohol drinkers.
In a multi-year study conducted in Australia and the United States, scientists from Monash University, Australia’s largest tertiary institution, found that moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages by the older population could have a positive effect.
In the article, published at the end of October in the medical journal European Journal of Preventive Cardiology (EJPC), the authors detail the results of their observations of approximately 18,000 Australians and Americans over the age of 70 over a period of almost five years.
It should be noted that all the participants in the study were in good health and had no cardiovascular, mental or physical pathologies.

According to the authors of the report, older people who abstain completely from alcohol have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease than their peers, who consume an average of 3.5 to 10 “standard drinks” per week. Such a ‘standard’ drink differs in the two nations studied, with one drink being equal to 10 grams of alcohol in Australia and 14 grams in the US.

Consumption of 51-100 grams of alcohol per week is highlighted by the researchers as the “healthiest”, since it is associated with reduced risks of general mortality, according to the study.
The lead author of the work, Dr Johannes Neumann of Monash University, however, points out the need to interpret his results with caution by referring to other research, which finds risks of developing certain chronic diseases associated with excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Excessive consumption in France
A recent study by Santé Publique France shows that 23.7% of French people “exceeded the consumption guidelines” for alcohol in 2020, a figure that has hardly changed since 2017 (23.6%).

In France, these benchmarks for excessive alcohol consumption represent more than two standard drinks per day, not every day, and no more than 10 drinks per week. Below these indicators, alcohol consumption is considered “lower risk”.
The French researchers also described a typical profile of their fellow citizens who exceed the limits of alcohol consumption considered socially acceptable.
It was found that twice as many men as women had risky drinking habits, 33.2% and 14.7% respectively, with a smaller difference by age. Among men, unemployment is an additional indicator of higher consumption.
Almost half of the French people who exceed the benchmarks had not been in higher education.

At the same time, drinkers are over-represented among people with higher incomes, especially among women with a higher education diploma and a job.


Something different but excellent

Probably one of the best guitar solo ever

Both above are part of this Sunday morning listening playlist




Some more gems from crazy USA


John Cleese pulls out of Cambridge Union event over ‘woke rules’

Japanese-Korean-Turkish language group traced to farmers in ancient China 

Venomous sharks found in London’s Thames river 

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