In and out of Hospital

Next time I have to go to the emergency at the hospital, I shall call the helicopter. During the few hours I was at the hospital I heard it take off / land at least 3 times.

Anyway, once again I had to be hooked on for a few hours to receive some blood as my anemia is not getting better.

Not a painful process but it has to be monitored. Feeling comfortable though. Comfortable enough for the off few minutes nap.

At his stage I have to say how positively impressed I am with the service of the staff doctors and nurses. Despite the large number of patients I did not have to wait long before before the treatment started. Everyone is extremely friendly and efficient. I was even transferred to a proper room half way through rather than a treatment box in the emergency. The reason I was given was that the beds were more comfortable there and a TV would be available. How nice but I suspect they needed the space. Of course it helps if you are friendly and cooperative yourself.

Anyway, after dinner I was unhooked and released. It was dark and I had to find my way through the hospital. A nurse had offered to show me the way but I declined. Maybe I should have listened to her. No one to be seen and in fact quite scary in places. I finally found my way to the main gate.

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