Ola – Day 1


Left home as planned on the dot of 9am to reach the Spanish border 1h20 minutes later due to the very light traffic.

We arrived at La Roca Village with its 140+ outlets late morning. Not the best weather, in fact a few degrees cooler than back home which is unusual. But who cares when you spend your time in the shops. A lot of brands, a lot of choice and a few purchases were made.

After 2 hours extensive shopping, it is time to hit the road to our final destination of the day and namely Tarragona. It is just over an hour’s drive through Barcelona and then straight south. The hotel is one of the main avenues and easy to find. After checking in, it is time to go and explore, on foot.

We head towards the old town. Not a bad place with a fair amount of Roman ruins. Glad I bought a warm jacket earlier in the day.

In the evening, nice apéritif sitting outside at Espalvi Gastro Bar (Carrer de Santa Anna 13)

followed by a pleasant Paelle in La Morada a couple of streets away.

All in all a pleasant day

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