Ola – Day 10

Today we cross back into France and head for Biarritz just on the other side of the border.

259 km

But before we quit Spain, it is important to stop and do a bit of shopping as well as fill up with petrol which is 0,30€ per litre cheaper than in France.

Biarritz is not far from the border and after we check in our hotel, it is time for a nice lunch in the sun. In fact it feels so warm that my body had a need for rosé wine. Something I do not drink before May as a rule.

With plenty of time on our hands, we go for a leisurely walk to the ocean

Some of the waves were quite impressive

In the evening we went to  Ragazzi Da Peppone for dinner.

I was 1st there in Septembre 2020 when I had a couple of days with friends in the town. It has not changed and I like the way you have to go to the cellar to select and pick up your bottle of wine.

Night cap at the George Bar across the street from our hotel

Tomorrow we drive home

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