Tolosa de Llenguadoc

Someone having to catch a plane very early at Toulouse‘s airport, it was decided to make a day of it and spend the night in town.

It normally takes only an hour to get from home to Toulouse or the airport which is no the case if one decides to stop for some shopping at the Outlet Village in Nailloux. It feels like I have been to outlets non-stop for the past 3 weeks. As it happened, I needed some new Jeans and there a visit to the Levi‘s store was done.

From the Outlet it is a mere 15 to 20 minutes to the town centre and the Place du Capitole underground car park which is rather for the hotel which is on the same place. Of course, being Saturday, demonstrations can be expected and indeed it was the case and a few of the mai. boulevards were closed. I nevertheless found my way without too many detours.

Checking in at the Ibis Style hotel is simple and quick especially if you are a member of the hotel Group which I am. Quite impressed with the new decoration, the small room and the faclities in general. I shall use that hotel again.

After booking an Indian restaurant for the evening, it is time for a pre-dinner apéritif at one of the bars around the Place du Capitole watching the world go by.

The restaurant „Rajasthan Villa“ is only 5 minutes away on foot and proved to be excellent with a fast and friendly service. I can only recommend it and will be back there for sure.

After diner it is back on Place du Capitole for an after dinner drink followed by night caps at the hotel bar 50 metres away.

Very early breakfast the next day and the short drive to the airport to drop off my passenger.

I was back home by 8:30 am.

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