Comic books yet again

I guess it is a seasonal pastime of mine and namely catch up with my comic books. I am currently hooked on Largo Winch and just purchased and read the 6th volume (In fact today, a couple of days later I have purchased #8 and #9. I could not find #7 which will have to be ordered on line)

At the age of twenty-six, Largo Winch inherits a ten billion dollar financial cartel. A contentious man, a womanizer, a brawler and a non-conformist, he is known as “the humanist billionaire”. But can you keep your hands clean at the head of such an empire? Between women with murderous charms and bankers who are deceitful accomplices, between financial combinations and dubious trafficking, Largo Winch strikes a blow for blow. Sometimes at the limit of legality.

There are are further 18 on the list

I shall catch up this autumn and winter time.

Published on August 27th at 13:05 and Updated on August 29th at 13:15

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