A few days away

We were invited to a party in Six Fours les Plages in the Var departement and decided to take a few days off from the daily routine.

Day 1

The destination Marseille which is only a 3 hours drive away. A restaurant in the Vallon des Auffes had been reserved for lunch as well as an overnight in the Mercure hotel (Prado) in the 7th arrondissement.

It all went as planned with the added bonus that Marseille’s football team (OM for Olympique Marseille) was playing at home that evening as part of the European Champions league tournament and the OM supporters are well known for their enthusiasm which we could witness since the hotel is located a few hundred yards from the stadium and the pre-match atmosphere in the streets was quite electric. Diner was good and so was the night sleep. I simply love the beds in this hotel chain.

Day 2

Only a short drive to Bandol where we shall spend the night is scheduled. I have had many holidays in the past in the area and it is somewhere I could certainly live on a more permanent basis.

However today the rain is falling, quite unusual although needed this year. We drove straight to the hotel and walked down into town.

A few pics of the day are available here

Day 3

Our final destination is Six Fours les Plages where our friends, holding the party, are based. It i only a few kilometres away and we are expected early afternoon. So we decide to spend the morning in neighbouring Sanary.

Dinner was held at our friend’s sisters who share the house next door.

A delicious soup au pistou had been prepared.

Day 4

Short drive to Hyères to meet up for lunch at our friend A… It is only 30km away with motorway all the way with the usual slow down going through Toulon via the tunnel.

In any case we had am excellent lunch and time overall before driving back to Six Fours late afternoon.

Dinner was again served next door and this time lasagne was on the menu

Day 5

We decided to stay in the area and go down to the port for lunch followed by the beach in the afternoon.

By the way, the catamaran on the pic is the same than the one we have hired for next March in the South Pacific. Something to really look forward to.

Evening dinner was Back in Bandol in a restaurant overlooking the sea.

La Chipote

The scenery and company made up for the seemingly slow service.

The food on the other hand was very good

More pics of the day to be found here

Day 6

Party time

There was a theme to this party, the 60’s for the ladies and the 50’s for the men and I must say many came dressed for the part for the enjoyment of us all.

It started at midday and went on to well past midnight. We had lunch, baby foot competitions, swimming in the pool for those brave enough, boules/pétanque competitions, dinner, music (play list & live) and for some, plenty of dancing. Basically a great party.

Quite a few pictures are available here

Day 7

Drive Home

Funny enough, I am quite weary of the peage (toll both) in Aix en Provence which is where the car broke down some 3 months ago. But on this occasion all went well, the drive home was fast and smooth.

All pics

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