Action camera or new phone

I have been investigating the possible purchase of an action camera and namely a GoPro Hero 10. I was very impressed with the photo, videos and stabilisation software used in this little action camera.

Then I read about the iPhone 14 Pro and its improved camera and software.

I am not really doing action activities as such, the odd boat trip, long walk maybe. So do I really need an action camera. I am however keen to be able to make great videos and photos when I shall travel to the South Pacific and French Polynesia in the coming months. I would also like to be able to take underwater shots.

I have looked at all the accessories available for both the GoPro and the iPhone from gimbals to waterproof casings.

Gimbal with remote

There are lots of comparisons available on the internet, which also tells me I am not the only one asking the question.

The price is of course an issue as well

I have however decided and ordered a new iPhone 14 Pro, delivery end of Octobre. I needed additional memory and I thought travelling „light“ i.e only with one device might be better since we are going to do some island hoping by light plane and catamaran.

The other reason for my choice, is that I already have an early model action camera (apeman A66) with all the accessories and I never use it.

There is nothing stopping me buying a GoPro at a later date

I shall however continue to use the impressive GoPro app with unlimited storage to store in the Cloud as well as edit photos and videos before posting them online.

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