Which town?

Are you looking for the perfect place to spend your days in peace? Good weather and quality services to find serenity? Discover the top 20 cities to spend your retirement in France.

Carcassonne in 2nd place

A haven of peace where you can live happily ever after. This is what the French are looking for when they leave the workforce. According to INSEE figures, 75,000 retirees (out of 620,000) take the plunge each year by choosing to move. The need for a change of scenery, to get away from city life to find peace and quiet in the countryside or by the sea: the desires of seniors are numerous.

For Yolande, a retired accountant for two years, “local shops, access to healthcare and hospitals” are essential criteria. “They must be located in the town itself or very close to it,” explains the 60-year-old for Planet. “We are getting older, not everyone has a car or drives less. It’s practical to have everything nearby,” says this Francilienne who also enjoys the sea.

Attractive year-round tourist towns for retirees

Before her husband Bruno retires in a few years, the couple spends weekends between Brittany and Normandy. Two regions they are particularly fond of as they spend their retirement years there. While keeping a good distance from the Paris region. “If we want to come back to Paris from time to time, or if our family visits us, it’s not very far,” they assure us in the same voice.

For those of you who are undecided, Le Parisien revealed this Saturday, October 1, the unprecedented ranking of cities (with more than 20,000 inhabitants) where it is good to live after retirement. Among some thirty selected criteria (climate, leisure activities, accessibility and real estate), the choice of those surveyed reflects a major desire to settle in the south of France, in the sun and near the sea. Other cities are doing well, with various advantages to attract new year-round retirees.

© Le Parisien – Thomas Louisy – Translated by © J2S


My current home town


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