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Le Mans 24h 2019

I have started updating my Le Mans blog. Ten days to go till the race. Quite a special occasion this year asmy Chris and I are celebrating the 50th anniversary of our first Le Mans 24h.

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I was overdue by a few months for the obligatory “Service Technique” (MOT-GB, TUV-D) for my old car. I finally took the plunge today and the “old girl” passed all the checks with flying colours. Since it is categorised as … Continue reading

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My friend C is ensuring that his Rover P5 will be fit and sparkling for our trip next June to the Le Mans 24h. The P5 was also known as “the poor man’s Rolls Royce”. Happy mechanic

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Actively planning Le Mans 24 Hours 2019. It will be the 50th year anniversary of my first trip there.

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Club des 5A

I wonder if I shall be accepted with my old Mehari. Amateur Audois des Amateurs d’Automobiles Anciennes

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CET HOMME FUT LE PROPRIÉTAIRE, IL CONDUISIT LA MÊME VOITURE DURANT 82 ANS. Pouvez-vous imaginer avoir la même voiture durant 82 ans ! Posez-vous la question :  “Quelle voiture ai-je gardée le plus longtemps ?”    M. Allen Swift (Springfield, … Continue reading

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Classic cars There is a mechanic / garage in the street behind our house. I have walked past a few times and noticed some really nice gems being renovated in there. Today I stopped and there were among other things Peugeot 204, … Continue reading

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