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Birthday present

  I am very pleased with my birthday present despite a couple of facts: It is a US (Texas) company. This means I have defaulted on my new commitment to boycott US products. It is Google powered and I HATE … Continue reading

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A year ago

A year ago today was my first day as a retired person. I have enjoyed every moment of it so far. Rare and far apart are the moments when I think about about work. Usually a nightmare in fact. I … Continue reading

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US elections

Here follows an analysis from the Miami Herald Editorial Board I like. And before I am submerged with messages of hate and abuse from the obviously mentally deranged average Trump supporter. I am not Republican and I am not a Democrat … Continue reading

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Interesting Facts (in French)

Did you know? (Number 34 is good) 45 faits étonnants sur la France que vous ignoriez peut-être !!! 1. Le mot «France» vient des Francs, peuple germanique dont le nom est lui-même tiré du francique «frank», qui signifie «libre» 2. … Continue reading

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Drink wine day

A US invention National Drink Wine Day is celebrated annually on February 18th. The purpose is to spread the love and health benefits of wine such as reduced risk of heart disease and the enhancement of food and life. I do … Continue reading

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Mid winter blues

Although the days are getting longer, it is still winter. Officially another 5 weeks before spring starts. Not a moment too early if I may say so.        

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633 days to go

It is more or less official. Early retirement is approved by the authorities. Not an issue with the company either. My choice. So many projects to complete including a complete relocation back to the roots. House to sell, house to … Continue reading

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