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President Trump is surrounded by fools

I try to avoid reading anything concerning the moron in chief and the US these days. So depressing and aggravating. I disconnected from Facebook and reduced Twitter news feed to a bare minimum. I nevertheless came across this little gem … Continue reading

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I have spent a couple of hours last evening “un-following” anything to do with the news from the US. I cannot stand this vile bullshit anymore. It does not matter if it is Dems or Rep. I am now starting … Continue reading

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Like my friend Michael a few days ago, having finished my work for the ┬áday for the different associations I am involved with ( and it took me a few hours today), I started catching up on the news on … Continue reading

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Can anyone believe this woman? and I am being careful using the word woman. What is the matter with a country which raises such individuals. More disconcerting is that many people believe this crap. I am glad to be living … Continue reading

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Old pic

Found this clearing up my office. This is going back around 43 years. Note that my name is simply Jacques and not Jean-Jacques. I had so much trouble explaining everywhere that Jean is masculin which is not the case in … Continue reading

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