DRAFT Journal

🌶️ March 15th, 2023 – Day 1 – Carcassonne to Paris CDG

The plan today is to travel from home to Paris. Our Air France flight is delayed 3 hours due to the wave of strikes and actions hitting the country at the moment and specifically the air traffic controllers. Somehow, 6 months ago, when I booked the tickets for this trip I had the feeling we might encounter these kind of difficulties and booked the trip up to Paris a day earlier than the overseas flight just in case. That gave me the option of making it by car if needed.

The major item of news of the day is that after a strict 9 month of abstinence I had my first drinks of the holiday. A couple of beers for aperitif, some wine for dinner and a couple of very large whisky’s as a night cap. In other words, back to normality.

🌶️ March 16th, 2023 – Day 2

CDG Airport view from my hotel room

Woke up far too early so I am watching the airport waking up. A late breakfast is scheduled in a couple of hours giving me plenty of time to catch up with the international news and get ready.

Air France informs, or rather confirms, us that today is another national strike day. They confirm however that all long haul flights will depart which is good news for us.

There is no guarantee however that the flight will leave on time because the air traffic controllers are striking on and off. I do not really care. I have a 25 hours trip in front of me and therefore some delay does not affect me too much.

As it happens the plane left on time and took us to Los Angeles with a very smooth and comfortable ride. The cabin crew members were extremely friendly and competent. The food and beverages excellent. Bravo Air France Business Class. You get full marks from me.

Three hours stop in LA where we walked miles to find the lounge. We were in it no more than 15 minutes before it closed at 11pm.

The plane departed 1 hour late for the final leg to Papeete and nevertheless landed 30’ early. The wind must have been very strong at some point and it pushed up forward. I have to make the same remarks regarding the crew and catering in the same triple 7.

🌶️ March 17th 2023 – Day 3

Landed at Faa’a international airport at 5:30 am. Immigration is pretty fast for EU citizens and we are quickly at the Europcar desk to take possession of the reserved hired car. It is quite small one and fitting r adults and luggage took some efforts.