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Still dry

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Blues time

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Alcool Info

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Quite true

  Keep laughing

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Oh putain…

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Moving in 100 days

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Am I supposed to feel safe?

There is a lot of military and police activity this morning. I did not dare take to close a shot to the dozens on my left. Had to walk through them though to get where I wanted to. Not the … Continue reading

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ISS Station

A photo from Hannover taken from the ISS station a few days ago. The snow is all gone now of course and let us hope it stays that way. It reminds me of a video tour of the space station I … Continue reading

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Weather today

I am afraid, spring has not arrived yet. One hears from the farming community that the vegetation is now 4 weeks behind. I have not seen any sign of activity in the fields. I guess I’ll have to keep inside … Continue reading

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Holidays on my mind…

Not my best holiday ever at the time,so maybe one should go back and try again.

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