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Pure enjoyment

I thoroughly enjoyed a good half of this bottle of whisky at my friend Michael

Excellent stuff

Even better when you know how it came about (read below the picture)


To bolster team spirit on his Antarctic expedition (Nimrod, 1907), Sir Ernest Shackleton personally ordered 25 cases of Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky.

In 2007, a century after the expedition, three cases of the perfectly preserved whisky were discovered, frozen into the ice beneath Shackleton’s base camp at Cape Royds.

The whisky was excavated and flown to New Zealand where it was carefully thawed by the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust in a purpose-built environment and public gallery at Canterbury Museum. 

“…thank you for your courtesy, kindness and the help you have given us; and to say that when the Expedition is over we hope to come again to the joys of Finse”. – Sir Ernest Shackleton

Finse, a small town 1,222 metres above sea level in Norway, is an expanse of snow and ice on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, used by the explorers of the Heroic Era as a training camp for Antarctic expeditions.

Sir Ernest Shackleton used this ‘miniature Antarctica’ to test much of his equipment, including clothing, newly designed dome tents and aero sledges, complete with 9 foot wooden propellers.

As Sir Ernest was put through his paces at Finse. he wrote to his wife: “I am rather tired but really splendidly fit.” (May 1914)

Sir Ernest Shackleton is known as much for his camaraderie and leadership as he is for his adventurous spirit. In 1907, he set sail on his ship, the Nimrod, to lead his first expedition. A quest with one goal, to become the first man to reach the South Pole, Sir Ernest and his team reached further south than anyone before them – but on January 9th 1909, faced with bitter winds and an exhausted crew, he turned back rather than risk the lives of his team.

In 1914, he set off again, this time his sights set on traversing Antarctica for the first time. His ship, the Endurance, was frozen and crushed in the ice. With five men, Sir Ernest took a small rescue boat and sailed 720 nautical miles in treacherous conditions across the freezing ocean to South Georgia, then traversed the mountain range to a whaling station. From here, he chartered a rescue ship back to his waiting crew, returning all of his men safely home. This feat of strength became known as one of the greatest survival stories of all time.

It was with whisky that Sir Ernest brought his crew together to toast wives and sweethearts, celebrate birthdays and above all foster a sense of team spirit that led them to succeed against the hardest of odds.

After its discovery frozen in the ice, world renowned Master Blender, Richard Paterson, carried out painstaking analysis to re-create this antique whisky, and used this as the foundation to create Shackleton – a modern Blended Malt with ice in its DNA.

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Club meeting

Like every Thursday at the domaine d’Auriac. Very pleasant too in this weather. Always a pleasure to meet up with my Rotary friends.

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So that is it

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 15.10.57.png

It took me a while this afternoon but I managed to:

  • Download all my data / posts / photos / comments / friends etc which were on “my” Facebook for the past 10 years.
  • Nominated administrators for the couple pages I was maintaining for clubs & associations.
  • Made the request to deactivate the account.

Apparently Messenger will still work.

Next step is to kill all the interfaces which were feeding Facebook from my various blogs although as of tomorrow most of them would not work anyway as there is a new Facebook policy out on the subject.

I shall close completely the account at the end of August after I have ensured all posts and activities have been deleted. I might have to do this manually as I do not trust FB to do it.

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Closing Facebook

Just in case you’re not aware, Facebook isn’t a social networking website. In other words, as Edward Snowden says, it’s a surveillance company. It knows which places you visit, which advertisements you’ve interacted with, or what your friends are doing and eating. The recent Cambridge Analytica debacle has reinforced the notion that Facebook could be misused to profile users and sell their data. As a result, #deletefacebook is trending and it’s high time you get rid of your account.

Dear friends, I have therefore decided to close my FACEBOOK account. It has been a good way to communicate and keep in touch with my friends all around the world but I can no longer accept that my data and habits are sold to the highest bidders and advertising companies.

FACEBOOK has also been proven guilty of allowing misleading advertisements which are influencing minds in times of elections. Their response is totally inadequate.

I shall download all my data, photos and contacts. I shall keep my blogs running.

I need to find a solution for some Facebook pages I had created for clubs and associations although I strongly recommend they should be transferred to standard and private home pages.

I have started the cleaning and backing up process. My deadline is end of August but I am already informed it takes 90 days for Facebook to delete everything . In the meantime you can send me your email address via this blog.

Next on the list is GOOGLE and a few other American sites.

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Wine in numbers

Some statistics I like…


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Like my friend Michael a few days ago, having finished my work for the  day for the different associations I am involved with ( and it took me a few hours today), I started catching up on the news on Twitter, Facebook and such like.

I am horrified at the level of ignorance and vicious verbal attacks from all sides of the political spectrum.

The whole social media is a pit of misinformation.

The most shocking is of course almost everything coming out of the US. Not only from the moron in chief who is probably not realising he is constantly contradicting himself and lies so much that he does not know what the truth might be, but also the VP who apparently said

If this is true a bullet with his name on it is probably the only solution. Wait! would that mean that Rubio might have a chance?

I thought the brits had a bit more brains than their average retarded cousins across the pond. But the level of fake news, mis-information and what I would call terror tactics by the “remainers” in particular has gone way over the scale and is being spread out by gullible idiots all over,and here I have to be more specific, the country and I mean England. I think that the usual loss for the past half century in an international competition has further helped deterioration.

So according to them,there will be no food,no medicine,no services,no flights etc. What a lot of crap.

For sure some prices will go up,for sure some jobs will be lost when multi national companies will emigrate to the continent (Airbus, Nissan, some banks etc). But that is surely survivable.

What amazes me the most is that they are talking about an elusive deal. What deal may we ask? Nothing is acceptable to the European community of countries. No favors especially for a soon to be non member. It would be totally unfair.

I am a proud European and even more proud Frenchman. It is perfectly compatible. I shall not give my opinion on the idea of Brexit. It is certainly too late now anyway.

On this thought I shall go and have one of my favorite German beer  in an Italian glass next to a French built swimming pool.

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