Saint Nicholas

First day / evening back in Germany.. Found my friends in the pub.

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No traffic

Off to Toulouse airport tomorrow morning, so I am checking the motorway web cams to see if there are any blockage which would mean taking alternative routes. Everything seems to be fine at the moment. Will check again before I leave tomorrow.

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Wordpress Test

I mainly use WordPress for writing my Blogs.  They are just introducing a new editor which I am testing. This in fact is my 1st entry with it. They are introducing so-called “Blocks” which I do not understand yet. All I know is that I have so far not been able to place a picture on the blog entry. I guess I need to experiment a lot more.

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Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 12.32.07.pngThe last month of the year is already upon us. Where I live in the south of France, there is little chance of snow. Saying that the Pyrenees mountains are just round the corner and we can see the snow covered tops when driving around town. The nearest ski area is just over an hour away. A day trip there with a few hours on the slopes is more than possible.

But in town, it is fairly warm during the day as long as the sun is out. Yesterday the temperature reached 20c around lunch time and we were able to have a very enjoyable and comfortable BBQ outside.

The local Xmas market is opening this week but somehow I miss the freezing cold temperatures to be able to enjoy my yearly cup of piping hot mulled wine.

Therefore I am off in a couple of days to northern Germany to visit family and friends. I always have fond memories of the Xmas market in Hannover.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 12.42.13.png

I wonder if there will be snow this year.

Got to start my Xmas shopping too and since we shall have visitors at home for the festivities, Inde to stock up on drinks, fois gras, order the oysters and other delicacies. I have decided on a capon for Xmas lunch and that has already been ordered.





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My friend C is ensuring that his Rover P5 will be fit and sparkling for our trip next June to the Le Mans 24h.

The P5 was also known as “the poor man’s Rolls Royce”.




Happy mechanic

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 16.48.46.png

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Apple Mojave

Screenshot 2018-11-27 at 21.27.48

Decided to upgrade my MacBook Air last night since I was getting messages I should do that.

It did not go exactly according to plan. Not only the connection slowed down like crazy which I put down to the amount of people trying to connect to the Appstore at the same time, after a couple of hours I simply got the message “not enough memory”. I did erase quite a few applications including some native ones which I never use like iMovie etc and it took another couple of hours for the download and installation to complete. Once it was installed, I had again a fair amount of memory available.

Today, I continued transferring files to the Cloud and do a general clean up.

I re-installed Screenshot 2018-11-27 at 21.45.15a few apps, ordered 128Go of memory which I have been wanting to try for quite a while.

I shall install some of the applications I had to delete on this card when it gets here.

Currently I am trying to learn what’s new in Mojave and configure my laptop.

So far so good and it would appear that it is a tick faster. Operating system or the effect of the major clean up I had to do? I am not sure but it is a positive result.

Happy computing everyone

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 16.01.07

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Gilets jaunes

I cannot stand the current “yellow jackets” (Gilets Jaunes) which started a couple of weeks ago. They are basically hindering my way and being a nuisance to the majority of citizens. Some roads have been blocked for a few days and businesses are loosing business. I also have not been able to get fuel (diesel) for my car and am running on fumes.
More tragic, I am convinced they are being manipulated by a few who are trying to get some political advantages out of it. Half of them have no idea.
Should we start  counter movement “green (for hope) jackets? I am seriously considering it. I did my bit toward this earlier today. Of course in my case, it was a bit more civilised and needed a barrel to block the road and a bottle of rosé.
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