French Polynesia

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🛩️ The journey – Getting there

🐠 Day 1 – March 17th – Tahiti

🐠 Day 2 – March 18th – Tahiti

🐠 Day 3 – March 19th – Tahiti & Moorea

🐠 Day 4 – March 20th – Moorea

🛩️ Day 5 – March 21st – Moorea & Huahine

⛵️Day 6 – March 22nd – Huahine – Catamaran.

🪸Day 7 – March 23rd – Huahine – Raiatea (Catamaran)

🪸Day 8 – March 24th – Catamaran Raiatea & Taha’a

🪸Day 9 – March 25th – Catamaran – Taha’a & Raiate

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Polynesia- Day 9

Today is our last half day on board Early start as usual. 6:30 and everyone is on deck fighting for coffee or tea.

The sea is calm and the sun is up

Bora Bora in the distance
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Polynesia – Day 8

Raiatea and Taha’a

Leaving our overnight mooring place quite early after breakfast to go to Taha’a which is only 30’ away.

We get into the annex and reach the pontoon a couple of minutes later. A few minutes walk and we are at one of the few pearl farms on the island.

And of course after being shown many pearls and jewellery we purchase a couple of bits.

More to come

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Polynesia – Day 7

Not too good a night sleep. It takes some use to on a boat + the fact that we went to bed extremely early. As a result it is now 4:15am, still pitch dark outside. The question of the moment is, how to recharge my phone?

The catamaran moored in front of us has some interesting water lighting systems

Today a fair amount of sailing is planned

Sail is up and we are off

The rest will have to wait till I have WiFi

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Polynesia – Day 6


Today we intend to find and board the catamaran we hired for the next 4 days. I doubt internet will be available for that time.

But first, breakfast time

Followed by a walk on the beach

No one around at 7:45 am

Last swim here

And we are off

Catamaran Monoï

What can I say. There is so much to tell. The boat is great, the water is warm, snorkelling 🤿 is great, on land the jungle is fantastic. Hundreds of pics to be uploaded when a Wifi will be available.

Excellent Aperitif and dinner back on the boat watching the sun go down.

That’s what dreams are made of !!!

Early to bed, maybe too early in fact. On the other hand we are exhausted from all the swimming done.

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Polynesia – Day 5

Leaving Moorea with regret

Looking forward to Huahine

It is a 20 minutes drive to the aérodrome. Rental car is returned. We are quite early and the first ones to check in.


Quite a short flight

Under the radar. Travelling incognito.

On approach

Landed in Huahine

Hotel shuttle was waiting for us and it is a short transfer to the resort

Time for lunch, beach, swim and a rest

Later we have to change bungalow because there is no cold water coming through and the shower is scolding hot. We move next door and it is even slightly better.

It is soon time for the evening aperitif. We can only admire the scenery and colours on the way to the main bar.

We walk into the next village, where in fact we shall board the catamaran tomorrow, for dinner.

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Polynesia- Day 4

Early start of the day at 6:30am after a good night sleep. Aiming to have breakfast at 7am and plan the day’s activities.

In the meantime, it remains to enjoy the view

Video link to follow

So the plan is to make our way round the island with a few stops along the way.

The first of these stops is at ” La Montagne Magique” where for a mere 200 CFPF you are allowed to walk up to the view point. Not an easy task as it is quite steep and of course very hot. But it is really worth it. The 360º view at the top is breathtaking and highlights what Polynesia is.

Video link to follow

It is the same steep hill to walk down and it is even warmer

We are rewarded however a tasting of local fruits and jams. Add to this a fruit juice, in my case pineapple and lemon, freshly prepared and the climb is quickly forgotten.

Time to visit a beach, we had spotted from the viewpoint and nice white sand stretch in the lagoon and this is where we are heading.

The water is warm and clear and I take my very first underwater pic.

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Polynesia – Day 3

Later this afternoon we intend to catch the ferry and move across to Moorea. Hopefully I can find a WiFi connection to update my posts.

Breakfast has been delivered

We have a few hours to kill so we decide to go for a drive. We stop along the way to investigate a couple of interesting spots.

Then it is time to pick up our luggage and make our way to the port to buy the tickets for the ferry. We have enough time to go for a bite across the road.

Then board the ferry for the 45’ crossing

Map of Moorea with location of hotel

Arriving in Moorea

View from the ferry
View from the ferry

The rented car awaits us at the port and it does not take long to drive to our accommodation and settle in.

Magical and soothing dip in the pool

It was a bit difficult to find a place for dinner. There is not much to start with and being Sunday most of it is closed.

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Polynesia – Day 2

To make my friend Sem jealous, I brought my collection of exotic shirts. The island of Moorea , where we are moving to tomorrow, is in the background.

Today we stayed in Papeete

Black sand beach

Bed time. Not too late.

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Polynesia – Day 1

Landed in Papeete extremely early and earlier than scheduled at 5:30 am. By the time we are through immigration and collect the rented car (quite a small one for 4 adult passengers and 2 pieces of luggage each) an hour has gone by.

We decide to drive to our booked guest house but of course it is far too early to check in and the rooms will not be available before 3 pm. We can however offload our luggage and change into something more appropriate for the heat.

We decide to drive all around the island of Tahiti on a discovery tour but before that a hot drink is needed. We stop at a very pleasant boulangerie on the way to the town centre and it is also an opportunity to get local cash from the ATM next door.

It is not difficult to find the coastal road, there is only one and we are off on a clockwise direction.

Venus point and the black sand beach

We make a couple more stops en route

Even find a beach to go swimming. The sun is extremely powerful so we do not stay too long unprotected.

And eventually arrive at the excellent Guest House by 3 pm

Here we have time to relax, make use of the jacuzzi, shower before going out for dinner at the Blue Banana restaurant.

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