Action camera or new phone

I have been investigating the possible purchase of an action camera and namely a GoPro Hero 10. I was very impressed with the photo, videos and stabilisation software used in this little action camera.

Then I read about the iPhone 14 Pro and its improved camera and software.

I am not really doing action activities as such, the odd boat trip, long walk maybe. So do I really need an action camera. I am however keen to be able to make great videos and photos when I shall travel to the South Pacific and French Polynesia in the coming months. I would also like to be able to take underwater shots.

I have looked at all the accessories available for both the GoPro and the iPhone from gimbals to waterproof casings.

Gimbal with remote

There are lots of comparisons available on the internet, which also tells me I am not the only one asking the question.

The price is of course an issue as well

I have however decided and ordered a new iPhone 14 Pro, delivery end of Octobre. I needed additional memory and I thought travelling „light“ i.e only with one device might be better since we are going to do some island hoping by light plane and catamaran.

The other reason for my choice, is that I already have an early model action camera (apeman A66) with all the accessories and I never use it.

There is nothing stopping me buying a GoPro at a later date

I shall however continue to use the impressive GoPro app with unlimited storage to store in the Cloud as well as edit photos and videos before posting them online.

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Life on Mars

Click on pic

Great Pic and Music

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Our friend Jerry is in town

We met Jerry in Shanghai where he was living. He is now back in Vancouver 🇨🇦 and vacationing here in the South of France.

I had not seen him in 10 years, he has not changed and there is plenty to catch up with.

I think I need to revive my plan to cross Canada by train in particular since we now have direct Air Canada flights from Toulouse to Montreal.

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Welcome Autumn

Although the meteorological autumn starts on Septembre 1st (and we have all noticed the sudden change in the weather), the official astronomical date of the Septembre, Autumn or Fall Equinox is today Septembre 23rd.

Septembre Equinox


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Hardware issue

The [ENTER] button on my iMac wireless’ keyboard no longer works.

I have another wireless keyboard but as opposed to the QWERTY I need, it is a QWERTZ set up which makes entering my password impossible.

And for some inexplicable reason, the QWERTZ suddenly refuses to pair with my tablet?

How do I manage to write this post you ask?

Well, I have a 3rd QWERTY small keyboard I sometimes use with my phone and it is currently connected to my main computer till I find a solution.

I am having a bad computer day

No choice but order a new keyboard which is now done via Germany in order to get a QWERTY. Delivery within 48 hours.

Problem solved within 24h

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A few days away

We were invited to a party in Six Fours les Plages in the Var departement and decided to take a few days off from the daily routine.

Day 1

The destination Marseille which is only a 3 hours drive away. A restaurant in the Vallon des Auffes had been reserved for lunch as well as an overnight in the Mercure hotel (Prado) in the 7th arrondissement.

It all went as planned with the added bonus that Marseille’s football team (OM for Olympique Marseille) was playing at home that evening as part of the European Champions league tournament and the OM supporters are well known for their enthusiasm which we could witness since the hotel is located a few hundred yards from the stadium and the pre-match atmosphere in the streets was quite electric. Diner was good and so was the night sleep. I simply love the beds in this hotel chain.

Day 2

Only a short drive to Bandol where we shall spend the night is scheduled. I have had many holidays in the past in the area and it is somewhere I could certainly live on a more permanent basis.

However today the rain is falling, quite unusual although needed this year. We drove straight to the hotel and walked down into town.

A few pics of the day are available here

Day 3

Our final destination is Six Fours les Plages where our friends, holding the party, are based. It i only a few kilometres away and we are expected early afternoon. So we decide to spend the morning in neighbouring Sanary.

Dinner was held at our friend’s sisters who share the house next door.

A delicious soup au pistou had been prepared.

Day 4

Short drive to Hyères to meet up for lunch at our friend A… It is only 30km away with motorway all the way with the usual slow down going through Toulon via the tunnel.

In any case we had am excellent lunch and time overall before driving back to Six Fours late afternoon.

Dinner was again served next door and this time lasagne was on the menu

Day 5

We decided to stay in the area and go down to the port for lunch followed by the beach in the afternoon.

By the way, the catamaran on the pic is the same than the one we have hired for next March in the South Pacific. Something to really look forward to.

Evening dinner was Back in Bandol in a restaurant overlooking the sea.

La Chipote

The scenery and company made up for the seemingly slow service.

The food on the other hand was very good

More pics of the day to be found here

Day 6

Party time

There was a theme to this party, the 60’s for the ladies and the 50’s for the men and I must say many came dressed for the part for the enjoyment of us all.

It started at midday and went on to well past midnight. We had lunch, baby foot competitions, swimming in the pool for those brave enough, boules/pétanque competitions, dinner, music (play list & live) and for some, plenty of dancing. Basically a great party.

Quite a few pictures are available here

Day 7

Drive Home

Funny enough, I am quite weary of the peage (toll both) in Aix en Provence which is where the car broke down some 3 months ago. But on this occasion all went well, the drive home was fast and smooth.

All pics

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The Cité at night

I have walked alone through the Cité a couple of times on my way home after a dinner party.

Nothing to fear but mildly eery in places.

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Très déçu – Extremely disappointed

🇫🇷 Depuis des mois, j’avais envie d’essayer le nouveau “Restaurant des Ollieux” au Château Ollieux Romanis. C’est d’ailleurs l’un de mes vignobles préférés et j’achète régulièrement du vin directement au Château.

Pour faire court et après avoir vendu l’idée à quelques amis, j’ai réservé une table au restaurant pour le déjeuner d’aujourd’hui. Je me suis assuré que c’était au restaurant principal et non à ce que j’appelle ” l’annexe ” sur la colline appelée ” La Touketa “.

Nous arrivons pour découvrir que le restaurant est fermé, ce qui est apparemment le cas à cette époque de l’année, mais personne n’a pris la peine de nous en informer au téléphone au moment de la réservation.

Ce n’est pas un bon début, mais comme nous avons conduit 45 minutes pour y arriver et que la faim nous tenaille, nous prenons le chemin de “La Touketa” pour découvrir que nos amis, également déçus, y étaient déjà.

La vue est excellente, ce qui est le seul point positif de la journée.

Même mon vin préféré avait soudainement un goût aigre.

Le service est extrêmement lent, les portions sont clairement réchauffées, ce qui pourrait être bien si elles avaient été en fait légèrement chaudes lorsqu’elles ont été servies à la table.

Nous avons tous refusé le dessert et le café, payé les 50€ par tête, ce qui pourrait être interprété comme un vol en plein jour.

J’ai fait les 45 minutes de route pour rentrer chez moi et me faire un sandwich pour calmer ma faim persistante.

Inutile de dire que je n’y retournerai plus et que je m’assurerai autant que possible que l’information d’éviter cet endroit à tout prix soit diffusée.

🇬🇧 Since months, I have been wanting to try the new „Restaurant des Ollieux“ at the Chateau Ollieux Romanis. It is, by the way, one of my favorite vineyard and I regularly purchase wine directly at the Chateau.

To cut a long story short and having sold the idea to some friends I booked a table at the restaurant for today‘s lunch. I distincly made sure it was at the main restaurant and not what I call „ the annex“ up in the hill called „La Touketa“.

We arrive to find out the restaurant is closed, which apparently is the case at the time of year but no one bothered to advise us on the phone at the time of the reservation.

Not a good start but since we drove 45 minutes to get there, and hunger is settling in, we drive up the path „La Touketa.“ to find out our also disappointed friends were already there.

The view is excellent which is the only good point of the day.

Even my favorite wine had suddenly a sour taste.

The service is extremely slow, the portions are clearly reheated which could be fine if they had in fact been slightly warm when eventually served at the table. As an afterthought, it was a good thing the portions were absmally small.

We all skipped dessert and coffee, paid the 50€ per head which could be interpreted as daylight robbery.

Drove the 45 minutes back home to make myself a sandwich to ward off the persistent hunger.

No need to say, I shall no longer return and will ensure as much as possible that the information to avoid the place at all cost is passed around.

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Comic books yet again

I guess it is a seasonal pastime of mine and namely catch up with my comic books. I am currently hooked on Largo Winch and just purchased and read the 6th volume (In fact today, a couple of days later I have purchased #8 and #9. I could not find #7 which will have to be ordered on line)

At the age of twenty-six, Largo Winch inherits a ten billion dollar financial cartel. A contentious man, a womanizer, a brawler and a non-conformist, he is known as “the humanist billionaire”. But can you keep your hands clean at the head of such an empire? Between women with murderous charms and bankers who are deceitful accomplices, between financial combinations and dubious trafficking, Largo Winch strikes a blow for blow. Sometimes at the limit of legality.

There are are further 18 on the list

I shall catch up this autumn and winter time.

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Web space

I have only just realised that included in my telephone and internet contract I have 6 Go available for a web page. This is coming very handy and this is where I shall report my forthcoming 2023 trip to Polynesia.

Picture of Moorea

I have plenty of time to prepare the page and more importantly learn how the provider’s editor works.

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