Polynesia – Day 15

Moving from Bora Bora to Maupiti today.

Although the island is only 40km away and visible from our current position, we could not find direct flights available and must fly back to Raiatea and fly to Maupiti from there. The flight times are incredibly short we must however spend 3 hours in Raiatea.

Last swim here

The water is ever so calm this morning, got to make the most of it.

Taxi was on time, shuttle boat to the airport (BOB) as well. We are quite early in fact.

So I guess it is bye bye Bora Bora

So it is bye bye Bora Bora

Video link will follow

And hello Maupiti

The airport

Maupiti is another kettle of fish. Locals say it is how Bora Bora was 30 years ago. Basically it is pretty wild still and very little infrastructure. Our accommodation for the next 2 nights is pretty basic.

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Polynesia – Day 14

Had a fairly good night sleep, the intense water exercises yesterday certainly had something to do with it. I have to admit that some of last night dreams included colorful fishes.

Breakfast is over and it is time to relax. We are extremely lucky with the house we rented. The location could not be better.

Today is our day on Bora Bora, moving on westward tomorrow morning.

Having some time for myself this morning, I have tried once again to upload all my pictures and videos in the cloud but it is proving to be impossible. It will have to wait till I get home.

Time flies doing very little and it is time for lunch. Why not try the Inter Continental next door?

Today is kind of a lazy days after yesterday’s snorkelling marathon.

Back to the hotel next door for a couple of Happy Hour cocktails 🍸

Mai Tai

For the last dinner on the island, we walk the few hundred yards to “Bora Bora Beach Club”

Whilst having dinner, we watch some manta rays in the very shallow water.

I have been up since 1am. Simply cannot sleep. Sitting outside watching the stars and listening to the distant rumble of the waves breaking over the reef. Here in the lagoon, the ocean is calm, not a ripple on the surface.

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Polynesia – Day 13

The blue spot is our location

First full day on Bora Bora. We have organised to be picked up early afternoon by the H2O guys who will, with their boat, show us this famous lagoon. We expect to do a lot of snorkeling and see a lot of fish of all sorts.

But right now it is breakfast time, sitting outside off course.

Not a bad spot really

Just had a chat with our neighbour about his boat which is superbly coloured. His pride and joy since 9 years. New colours since 3 years.

Went for a walk in search for a coffee but no luck. It is time for a swim anyway.

Believe me, the water is even better than what it looks like on the picture.

Spent the afternoon on a boat and in the water. Came across many great and small things. Videos I took will not load from here so here are a couple of screen shots.

This one is dedicated to my friend Laure
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Polynesia- Day 12

Up early yet again but today is fine as we are moving on after 3 days on Raiatea Island. After breakfast the car is packed and we are off the the airport.

It is a pleasant drive north on the coast. We know the way quite well by now.

As it always seems to be the case here it is a very easy and friendly process to check in. There is time for a drink of fresh coco and admire the view a last time. Our destination today is the island in the background.

Soon it is time to board

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Polynesia – Day 11

Our last day on Raiatea

Woke up early at 5:30 am as a result of going to bed extremely early and before 9pm. It is of course still very much dark and I can hear the constant roar of the waves crashing on the lagoon reefs.

Best time to do some blog updates. It would be perfect if WiFi was available in order to upload all photos. This will have to wait.

Time to get up and watch the sun rising

I am not the only one who is awake. My friend Sebastian is picking fights with all the other crabs.

After breakfast we start driving around the island with the intention of finding the road going up and across. We find it easily. The warning ❗️ sign at the bottom of the road says: You are entering an area infested with “Fire Ants”. In the meantime I have checked what these are: The fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) are known to cause one of the worst burning sensations in the world.

The view from the top is pleasant

On the way down and along the coast we come across the Botanical Gardens of Faaroa. It is worth a visit. Many lovely flowers and trees.

The photos will be uploaded into the cloud

Time to go to the main and only town for a bit of food & wine shopping for the last evening.

Then look for a place to eat in the way back. But it is Monday and nothing is opened. We know however that the restaurant at the resort is serving food and we head there.

Lunch is good, a nap is then highly recommended and the hammock at the bungalow is just the job.

Nothing special is planned for the rest of the afternoon. Aperitif is scheduled, as usual, for 6pm. Pre-aperitif at 5pm.

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Polynesia – Day 10

Slept very well for our 1st night on Terra Firma and namely on the island of Raiatea.

Up early watching the ocean from our beach bungalow before going to get some breakfast.

Nice spot for breakfast

Today we want to drive around the island. Not a problem in our rental vehicle. We are prepared for 4WD adventures if needed.

On the southern and western part of the island the nature is pretty wild and somehow very well kept.

There is not much on the island, a handful of very small villages, a couple of marinas. In the main small town there is a maritime port where cruise ships, one at a time, can dock which is the case today.

We had reserved lunch in one of the best restaurants, at least that is what we thought but they had no records of it. There are not that many restaurants and on top of that today is Sunday meaning almost everything is closed.

We finally find a so-called snack next to the ocean. The beer is good and lunch excellent and needed.

Back to the bungalows in the afternoon for a lazy afternoon punctuated by the sight of rays making a racket in the water. Mating season apparently.

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Polynesia- Day 9

Today is our last half day on board Early start as usual. 6:30 and everyone is on deck fighting for coffee or tea.

The sea is calm and the sun is up

Bora Bora in the distance

First order of the day is the so-called Coral 🪸 Garden and is a couple of minutes away with the annexe.

Located between the two islands is a corridor of 400 to 500 metres long and possibly 50 to 100 metres wide with a fairly strong current flowing through. Corals and the associated fish 🐠 population flourish. The water is not deep.

The idea is to walk to the start and let the current carry you through the make of corals. You simply float and observe through your snorkelling mask 🤿. One of the best thing I have done in a long time. Did it twice in fact.

I have tried making some videos

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Polynesia – Day 8

Raiatea and Taha’a

Leaving our overnight mooring place quite early after breakfast to go to Taha’a which is only 30’ away.

We get into the annex and reach the pontoon a couple of minutes later. A few minutes walk and we are at one of the few pearl farms on the island.

And of course after being shown many pearls and jewellery we purchase a couple of bits.

More to come

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Polynesia – Day 7

Not too good a night sleep. It takes some use to on a boat + the fact that we went to bed extremely early. As a result it is now 4:15am, still pitch dark outside. The question of the moment is, how to recharge my phone?

The catamaran moored in front of us has some interesting water lighting systems

Today a fair amount of sailing is planned

Sail is up and we are off

The rest will have to wait till I have WiFi

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Polynesia – Day 6


Today we intend to find and board the catamaran we hired for the next 4 days. I doubt internet will be available for that time.

But first, breakfast time

Followed by a walk on the beach

No one around at 7:45 am

Last swim here

And we are off

Catamaran Monoï

What can I say. There is so much to tell. The boat is great, the water is warm, snorkelling 🤿 is great, on land the jungle is fantastic. Hundreds of pics to be uploaded when a Wifi will be available.

Excellent Aperitif and dinner back on the boat watching the sun go down.

That’s what dreams are made of !!!

Early to bed, maybe too early in fact. On the other hand we are exhausted from all the swimming done.

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