Daily Post – May 7th

Living through a pandemic

in the south of France

413 days in Carcassonne since

1st lockdown in March 2020



Vaccines for the over 50s: The first announcement is that all French people over 50 without comorbidities will be able to be vaccinated from Monday May 10th. Appointments will begin to be made from Friday May 7th on the health.fr website.

This is five days earlier than the initial schedule, which was to see the first injections for this category of the population starting on May 15th.

Vaccination allowed “without age limit” in case of remaining doses
Another important announcement, Emmanuel Macron authorises from Wednesday 12 May all French adults without “age limit” and without comorbidities to be vaccinated when there are still doses available.


Since May 3rd 2021, anyone vaccinated against Covid-19 can ask the health professional to give them a certified paper certificate of vaccination at the time they receive the vaccine. This certificate includes a QR code that allows the vaccination to be registered in the AllAntiCovid booklet. This is the first step towards the European “health pass” or “digital green certificate”.


The picture appears to get better all the time. The incidence rate however is only one of the main indices to be taken into account. Nevertheless, it looks much better than 3 days ago.


We learn something new every day with the virus. It never stops mutating, changing, being where we don’t necessarily expect it to be. On the containment measures to be respected, we must also follow.
Between the attestation which is no longer necessary during the day, but which remains imperative in the evening for the curfew, between the different dates of return to “normal” (who opens when? On 19 May the zoos open, but the amusement parks will wait until 9 June, it was specified this morning for example), between the 10 km rule around one’s home which is over, one is not always sure what to do!
Did you think the quarantine lasted 10 days for contact cases? Well, no.
As far as isolation is concerned, we all have in mind when we are a contact case and the social security calls us, that we have to shut ourselves up at home for 10 days. Well no, it’s not always that number. So when you live with someone who develops the disease, it’s 17 days without seeing anyone! The idea is obviously to stop the chain of contamination. It is therefore imperative to be tested again (after a first negative test after a few days with the infected person), seven days after the end of the quarantine of the patient. Because you may have been infected during this period! In short, a patient confines himself for ten days, his relative for seventeen (or even 27 if the last test is positive)…

Not easy to follow, I tell you.


I was a bit concerned yesterday of the lack of activity on the beach where one of my favorite beach should be. Sigh of relief today, I have it from good authority, Laure herself, that work has actually started today and that the grand opening for the season is scheduled for May 29th. No doubt we shall patronise the place a few times during the summer.

▫️ MUSIC OF 1969

Another top hit in France at the time. It was a really new sound for us.

🎶 / 🎶 / 🎶



▫️ EU NEWS From our correspondant in Allegan County, Mi 🇺🇸

No news today

▫️ FUN


A bit of a come down on yesterday…


🔸 Firms led by female CEOs face significantly fewer labor lawsuits (Academic Times)

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