Treadmill difficulties

We have decided to purchase a treadmill for daily exercises at home

It is proving far more difficult that expected.

We know what technical features it must have and have selected on the internet 3 top possible models.

So far so good

The issue is, most companies and shops we have looked at are out of stock. Obviously we are not the only ones with this idea. I want to avoid buying from Amazon, everybody by now knows my aversion for this company.

Ideally I want to buy local

Easier said than done. I called yesterday the sport equipment retail shop Intersport which showed a model we liked on their web page. Yes the department is open says the receptionist but we are completely out of stock and have no idea when we shall get supplies.

Not too worry, on our way to the DIY shop we stopped at the other large sports goods retailer Decathlon, which happens to be across the road from Intersport. We were greeted at the door by a guard asking what product we were after to be told that that particular department is actually closed as it is not an essential purchase?

Le Bon Coin advertises a couple of nearly new second hand machines. One of which is located in Bordeaux. The only problem is that it is well beyond the 10km allowed radius.

I guess we shall keep searching or spend the money on something else

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