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Fondue Savoyarde

The origins of the cheese fondue can be found in Switzerland, France (Rhone Alps) and Italy (Piedmont and Aosta Valley).  The earliest know recipe … Fondue Savoyarde

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Reblochon en croute

This is a simple recipe and makes a good starter or light lunch.  You could use any soft melting cheese but I am using the number one cheese of the … Reblochon en croute

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Info Post – January 29th 2022

Living through a pandemic in the south of France 678 days since 1st lockdown in March 2020 UPDATED DAILY STATISTICS HERE ▫️ HOME NEWS DESK Last weekend in January, I am still counting on a short getaway to sunnier climes … Continue reading

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Truffles! — Taste of France

Nice blog entry I found for those who like truffles The winter truffle markets are the place to get a real taste of France. Truffles! — Taste of France

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Just for the day

Checked in my hotel hospital room for the day in order to receive, what appears to be a regular occurence these days, my dose of clean blood and possibly iron. So far so good. Waiting for the results of the … Continue reading

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Little wheels turning (in my head)

Wondering what to do regarding my non-responding computer. Most annoying I am convinced it is actually turned on and watching ME through the dark screen pretending to be asleep.

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USB Rules

There are more and more electric and electronic devices which require USB connections so in a first step I have installed some USB plugs on my desk. Far more comfortable than reaching for a wall plug under the said desk. … Continue reading

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Souvenir? 1976

In fact, to tell the truth, I cannot remember much. The occasion: Our second wedding reception which took place in France (the 1st one was in England= in this superb location. Everything had been organised by my parents who invited … Continue reading

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BOUILLABAISSE – a cooking class in Marseille

This Bouillabaisse a noble dish is – A sort of soup or broth, or brew, Or hotchpotch of all sorts of fishes, That Greenwich never could outdo; Green … BOUILLABAISSE – a cooking class in Marseille

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Le Mans Virtual

From my sister site…

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