I have been dodging the virus for the past couple of years but it finally caught up with me a few days ago. In fact that little bastard hit me hard on my birthday and I had to pull out of the celebration I had planned.

I am in Germany visiting family and friends, si I have taken refuge at my daughter‘s for a self imposed quarantaine.

I have had to rebook flights with rebooking fees higher than the original price. Rebook car hire , cancel a fun and expected action packed weekend in Marseille. Advise BMW Aix en Provence that I am not able to pick up my repaired car as planned etc etc.

Fortunately I do not feel that bad, thanks to the 4 injections I have received. I have not lost senses of taste nor smell. I have a garden to enjoy and the company of 3 energetic dogs.

I was not expecting my 70th year to start this way

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