Your room is ready…

Just checked in hospital as planned for a follow-up and supposedly a day of transfusions.

I left home at 8:02 precisely, walked into the hospital at 8:07, was greeted by Ludivine who is my extremely nice nurse for the day and who informed me my room was ready.

At 8:15, time of my appointment, I am hooked up for my first transfusion, blood sample is being analysed and will determine how many bags of blood and iron I am going to get.

It is all extremely efficient and friendly despite the reported and on-going staff shortages made worse by the current holidays. Nevertheless the staff is very nice and very attentive.

Now, how to get a coffee…

I am all hooked up and cannot go walk about.

Maybe Ludivine „Lulu“ can help.

As it turns out, my hemoglobine levels have gone up, still under the minimum level but above the crtical level so no blood transfusions today, only iron.

Ludivine booked me a room for next week and the week after for the same treatment as today.

I am going to reach Platinum Hospital Miles level very soon at this rate

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2 Responses to Your room is ready…

  1. Acki says:

    waiting for a picture of Ludivine…..

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