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Une fois

Day 1 Made it to Belgium Uneventful flight to Charleroi where we picked up the rental car we need for the coming 6 days. It is a short ride to Liège and our friend’s house where we spend the night. … Continue reading

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The Who

Last night I did something I have not done in a long time. I actually listened to an album from start to finish. I have to add that it was great. I remember when « Tommy » came out and … Continue reading

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Missing personnel

I simply do not understand where the real issue is. Are people simply too lazy to work, is there a lack of qualified people? Pharmacies are or were notoriously an area where money could be made. Someone has to explain … Continue reading

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🍇 Fête du Vin

Even if I do not drink at the moment (it will be 4 months tomorrow since I stopped) I shall go to the Place Carnot later on today. I know most of the gang depicted on this morning’s local paper.

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iPhone 14Pro

Has just been delivered Currently setting it up and testing

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In fact I could do with another large screen to use with my main computer. There are some tasks which are much easier. Fortunately my main screen is large enough I can have split screens.

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What ever happened to Nokia? Looking for a long lost phone memory dongle, I came across my old Nokia E71 phone. I remember clearly the day I purchased it in the duty free in Hong Kong airport on my way … Continue reading

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Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

Got to make the most of the few remaining sunny days before autumn really kicks in.

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Love the truck

The car is superb, but I think I prefer the truck.

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October 2022

Info Post ▫️ HOME NEWS DESK News are dominated by the war in Ukraine and the possible energy shortage this coming winter. One keeps forgetting that we still have an Covid pandemic going on. ▫️ HEALTH SITUATION Following reports that … Continue reading

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