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By then I should be past my abstinence period… It certainly looks interesting and is taking place next to the train station in Toulouse. Could be done as a day trip or with an overnight but in all cases by … Continue reading

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Fédération Française de Football Américain I was a little disappointed last weekend when the Philadelphia Eagles failed to win Super Bowl LVII On the other hand, I thought it was a good game which I watched till 4am I was … Continue reading

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My kind of town

On the early fast train on the way back home in the South. I just spent 3 full days in the town I left so many years ago. It was a full 3 days too, walked miles and miles. In … Continue reading

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AI (Artificial Intelligence)

One keeps hearing about Artificial Intelligence and all the forthcoming applications one can expect in the near future and how life might change as a result. So far I have not come across any application which I would consider as … Continue reading

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Go Pink Floyd

Not the real stuff but the Aussie version which is excellent. I have watched and listened to them online on many occasions. I have just purchased 2 tickets for next week‘s performance in Narbonne: I never think to check events … Continue reading

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