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I have just received more details from the charter company in Polynesia. This is where we have to pick-up our Catamaran. In the meantime we have to send them our shopping list for food and drinks so that everything awaits … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

To all my friends who follow the Lunar Calendar

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There is no doubt, this car is a beauty And unfortunately I shall not be able to see run in the year‘s Le Mans 24h unless a miracle happens as far as tribune tickets are suddenly available as well as … Continue reading

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Web Space

I have undertaken and actaully started tidying up my Blog due to the fact that I am seriously beginning to run out of space / memory. Not an easy task. I need to reduce the size of many photos, eliminate … Continue reading

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Countdown activated

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I have been running the latest statistics and as far as I can see: 🍸 In 2022 I went without a drink 313 days 🍸 Today marks the 200th day in succession without a drink 2022

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Dax Electric

Honda has brought out an electric powered Dax. It quite appeals to me and brings back excellent memories. Unfortunately and for the time being, as far as I understood, it is only available for the Chinese market at a very … Continue reading

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Problem solving

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