Here we go again

After a 4 weeks (or so) break in my non-drinking and diet, I have decided to “bite the bullet” once more so to speak and start another detox, strict diet and no alcohol period probably for the next 3 months.

Almost all my medical follow-ups and blood analysis were very good as a result of the past 2 detox periods within the past 12 months that it seems obvious I should carry on.

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2 Responses to Here we go again

  1. Marie says:

    I try every Monday morning! Zero willpower I’m afraid. At the moment I can just blame Covid.
    So .. Best of luck with the next few months. Its tough going but great personal satisfaction all the same….

    • JJS says:

      Hi Marie, I had my 1st anti Covid jab last week and a firm date for the 2nd one towards the end of May. This means I shall feel free to move around again. We cancelled so many trips and holidays over the past 12 months that it was a real pleasure to book hotels and look into flights / trains as from June. I bet you are in the same position. Take care. JJ

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